Monday, February 23, 2009

Opossums Strike Again

Okay, so here is the scoop. There is a new opossum in our attic! Douglas and I think we live on their breeding grounds. So frustrating. Last Thursday we were sleeping and all of a sudden we start hearing scratching and movement in the ceiling above our room. I had just mumbled to Douglas, "the opossum's back", when 'crash!' down through our ceiling falls the bumbling creature. It had fallen through the spot where Douglas had cut a hole to find the last one. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, our high boy bureau was under it and it was able to gain its footing and scramble back up in the attic. You should have seen my brave hero as he peeked up in that small hole looking for the culprit, as I lay cowering on the bed fearing that it would attack my prince's pretty face and calling out faintly, "do you see it?". He put a board in place of the cardboard so the creature wouldn't fall on our heads anymore and we went to bed. We thought that it had gone out b/c it had gotten very quiet but as we settled in again, it became apparent that it had been playing dead some where in the dim light of the attic. The next day Douglas scoped things out trying to find it. When he didn't find anything he put a trap up there which as of yet hasn't caught the creature. I don't think it likes peanut butter sandwiches. Douglas thought that it would be attracted to the smell. I'm having the boys put fruit up there tonight. But I digress. As Douglas was checking things out up there, he misstepped and fell through Isaac's ceiling. He must have been banging his hand to keep from cursing because it sounded like he had caught the thing and was beating it to death. But he assured us that he hadn't seen even a hair or tail of the fellow. So it comes to this....What are we supposed to learn from this trial? Possible answers...
1.We need to move? LOL
2. Sleep isn't necessary? (I'm learning that with Lil Red already)
3. All creatures are made by God? (big ? mark after that one)
4. Life is full of adventures? (I'd rather climb Mount Everest)
So does anyone else have possible answers? We really are tired of these varmint adventures. It stinks to lose sleep over critters. And have so many holes in your ceiling (roll eyes)


skinny minny said...

what the opossum teaches...hmm...
To live together in harmony with ALL who share your place on the planet? or isn't you who needs to learn but actually the opossums need to learn not to invade your home that is/has invaded their home.... or Ruth needs to learn to protect her teritory better I mean what good is a cat if she can't keep Rodents away?
Love ya!

mE said...

Maybe the thing to learn is how to catch a possom :)
Or maybe it's that you need to seal off all entrances
And I have to stop blogging for now as it is causing contention in my home. ERG!

FranE said...

I am not a bit of help.
I can't stop laughing long enough to think of a helping thought.
It sounds like one of those Mary Tyler Moore type shows
Opossums are nasty and no we do not need to share our space with them. It just happened so I could be entertained. Write the story in to a naturalist magazine and publish it....Maybe get paid for the effort....LOL