Thursday, August 28, 2008

Danny Kaye's B-day

That's right! Danny Kaye had another birthday. He turned 12, this means that he is now officially a part of young mens. He's been hanging out with their scout group since there isn't enough boys to have separate groups, but he wasn't allowed to attend the activities that were done with the girls. He had a glow in the dark theme pool party on Friday to celebrate. According to the boys that attended, I really knew how to throw a party. I think it was my favorite b-day party so far. Clean up went fast. Getting the boys interested in games wasn't hard, since pool games aren't construed as babyish even by teenage standards. The time went fast and the kids could be as noisy as they wanted. I didn't have to worry about oversized boys getting rambunctious and breaking things in my house. and given the heat in August it was an awesome time to have a night party at the pool. Danny Kaye chose to have a big cookie instead of a cake. I had them put two fencing swords crossing in the middle and we did sparkler candles. It was as much fun lighting them as him blowing them out, lol. He received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday. It was really special. Big Red conferred the priesthood upon him and his young mens president, primary teacher, bishop, Uncle J, and scout leader all stood in as well. His dad and abuelita made it there to share in the experience and Aunt E, Little T, and Music Man, Little Red and I made up the rest of the cramped room. He was blessed with knowledge and wisdom several times, so afterwards his scout master said he couldn't wait for him to show him some of this wisdom in scouts, lol. It really was a special day for Danny Kaye. And I can't wait for the second sunday of September b/c I'll have two sons serving the sacrament! What a cool feeling for this Mom! Below are some pics from the b-day bash

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay I know this blog is supposed to be about blessings but this one is about a trial. I'm hoping it turns into a blessing, but right now I'm just FURIOUS! I got a speeding ticket today. Which no big deal. I haven't had a speeding ticket in over 5 years I believe and I have been very happy about that. Today though, fate didn't smile on me. I was trying to make it to pick up my boys at a descent time. I was already late from running errands for my Mom and Dad in Galveston. (My Dad is laid up in the hospital again recovering from a new surgery). So I was already late and I was speeding. So when the police man pulled me over I didn't have a problem with it. I was ready to accept my dues. Take drivers ed. to get it removed. ya da ya da, no problemo. However, he hits me with the news that he had clocked me at 95 miles an hour! OKAY FIRST OF ALL, I would NEVER and I mean NEVER drive that fast with Lil Red in the car which he was. And SECOND, I had the cruise control on so I know for sure that I was doing only 80. And come to think of it if I go over 80 in the Saturn I don't feel very in control of my vehicle so I may go 85 to get around someone but NEVER NEVER would I go 95 EVER! I tried to calmly and respectfully explain this the police officer but of course he didn't think he was capable of error. "you can take it before the judge", was all I got. So I am! I probably would have fought it anyway. But that's the only way that is left to me since what he says I was doing is more than 20 miles over the speed limit. I should say that while the posted speed limit is 65 that if you do 65 you get run over or cause an accident. Anyways this was my rant today that I needed to let off steam, so I'm counting my blessing that I have this outlet for my emotions since I couldn't exactly take a bopper bat to the policeman's head, because even though it wouldn't hurt him, it might be construed as intent to do harm. Sigh! What I wouldn't get to see him in a room full of junior high kids with dodge balls.