Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Out of Hospital

These are our pictures of the new baby. The technician thought he was so cute and couldn't quit snapping pictures of him. She even forgot to record his heart beat and had me have to come back. lol. He has really big feet and big hands but such a cute face. Wish you all could see the actual ultrasound. The pics don't do him justice b/c even though he was sleeping he was still moving. Not going to be one to sit still. I am home and on meds and bedrest. I will just have to be the Christmas Nazis from my couch :)
Love you all and thankyou so much for the prayers!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Well, I'm having contractions on and off again. I'm just waiting for the doctor's office to open up so I can call. They will probably have me come in again to check things out. I wouldn't be so worried except I'm still pretty far out and my body hurt so bad the morning I was having a hard time walking around. I'm hydrating big time and last night I drank chamomile. The last thing I need is to go on bed rest, so please big prayers. I'm hoping they tell me that nothings changed and my body isn't doing anything. I'll edit this post later and let everyone know what they say :)
Okay, I'm back and so far so good. But they are threatening me with bed rest, so I'm off to relax and behave myself :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

How Do You Put a Snowman Together?

Fun with Snowmen!

Here are some pics that I either forgot to include in the slideshow below or I wasn't pleased with how they turned out on the slideshow.

Lil Red was getting cold in this pic. We went in for awhile right after.
Isaac wanted to make a snow angel. He did it but the angel was green instead of white, lol

This is our new friend, you'll read more about her below. She drives so though I don't know her age she's older than the boys

Lil Red warming up before going another round.
So going to get the boys from school in the snow was not fun, but once we got home the fun began. The boys ran out and began building a snowman. They were so excited, they've always wanted to build one and never had the opportunity. I took one look at them running around and busily working and having fun and I knew what gift I could give them. I ran inside and grabbed baby carrots, a box of buttons, scarves, and hats. The boys decided at that point that they should make the whole family. A neighbor girl saw them and asked if she could join in that she'd never made one before and how do you do it. They laughingly told her it was their first time, but how they'd had success in making a snowball and starting to roll it. She was impressed! She said they looked like experts. When she saw all the stuff I brought out she ran home for some coal to contribute. In the meantime, neighbors started showing up and using our snowmen as a back drop for their Christmas pictures. The boys snowmen were a big hit. Lil Red who had been napping came out for a while to help and then got to cold and had to go warm up by the fire. He came back out when they were done for more pictures. He was cute when it first started coming down. I took him to the window and he looked out and said."oooohhh, BEAUTIFUL". With his voice in hushed awe. It was precious. He sat contentedly with the cat just watching it fall till it was time to go pick up the boys. Amadeus has proclaimed this the best day ever! I don't know if I'd say that. My giving birth to them and my wedding day certainly top this for me, but I have to say it's up there in the top ten. There was no bickering all day. No harsh words, no yuckiness. There was no time. We were all to busy enjoying a precious gift from God that comes sometimes once a lifetime for Texans. And to busy being excited and making new friends with our wonderful neighbors. Lifes surprises our certainly some of the greatest blessings.


Not only is it pouring down snow outside but it is the middle of the day!
Oh my goodness! And the kids school still hasn't released for the day. Hope the drivers I meet on the road in a little while decided to be careful.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What is it about little boys and trains :)

Promised pics and More!

Below are some of our holiday pics. I have to admit that I wasn't very good at taking pictures this Thanksgiving. I was too busy enjoying myself and the kids and having fun cooking. The last couple of pictures are of FHE last night. We put up the tree and it was the most fun that I've had doing it in a long time. The older two participated and there was no bickering or arguing. I made fudge for treats. And Lil Red is so entranced with the lights that he even dreamt about it last night. We heard him coo at 4 in the morning. OOOOHHHHH beautiful! Which is his standard phrase everytime he sees new Christmas lights. This morning after he woke up, he was content to cuddle in my lap for half an hour with no noise. Just staring at the tree and our fiberoptic angel on the mantle. I've also confiscated the radio in the car in the spirit of the Christmas Nazis. There is no other music to be played in the car other than Christmas music. Isaac is very distressed and has taken to making snide comments about poor frosty and how he should have been eaten as he, after all, is an over sized giant snow cone. LOL. Well atleast scrooge overcame himself last night and had fun with us decorating.
Hugz to all!