Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Big Boys Big Strides and a little one for Lil Red

This is not a bragging post. It's actually a joyful mother post. Isaac has decided for himself that eating vegetables is important if he is going to get his body in shape. And last night he was in the kitchen cutting up raw carrots and adding it to his food. He has been out shooting hoops for an hour and the day before working on his football catching with his brother. His prayers have all of a sudden moved on from two sentences to 10 or 12. Amadeus is working hard to put away his issues with his brother and to love him even when he's unlovable. Which lately has been less. When I was sick last night, Amadeus took over cooking dinner and with just a little bit of supervision finished our slightly complicated orange chicken dinner. Lil Red has learned to hand me his drink when he is through instead of throwing it, when he is in his stroller. We are still working on when he's in the car seat, lol. Both of the big boys are working on their own musical talents. And Isaac has gotten really excited about passing off his scout stuff and getting caught up. He was pouring over his book for atleast an hour last night. I am so excited at the maturing changes that I have seen happening in my boys. I find these big blessings even though to others they may seem small.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramblings about Today

The boys just finished mowing the lawn. Lil Red is being a turkey and finding as much to get into as possible. My allergies are killing me. Lil Red and I made it on our walk today. I went three times around the mall. I am so proud of myself :)
I'm thankful for my sweet older boys. They have been so pleasant over the past week and a half. Both have been super helpful and I have only heard minor complaints on chores. Isaac has only tried to negotiate twice. It used to be 10 times a day, lol. Both have pulled their weight and been such great big brother's to Lil Red. Since Amadeus has been home, Lil Red has had no problem sleeping in his bed. He has even stopped needing a bottle to go to sleep and the past two nights, when he woke up, Amadeus said he didn't ask for a bottle, just snuggled up to Amadeus and went back to sleep. I have to say that home this week has been a piece of heaven for me. Yeah we've all been fighting allergies and yesterday Lil Red and I were a bit grumpy, but as a whole I'm so pleased with the strides that we all have been making. It gives me hope for eternity. I love my family soooooooooooooo much! And even more than that...I really like them :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Darrell Jr. has a new song ;)

I'm a Tex, I'm a Tex, I'm a Texas Star

Way out west where the Bronco's are..

I can rid'em, I can rop'em, I can show ya how it's done..

Come on ya riders with your six shootin guns!

Bang! Bang! Bang ba ba da da bang bang...


Friday, August 21, 2009

Bubble Fun

Well Isaac and Lil Red had a blast blowing bubbles. Amadeus was having fun with them as well, but decided to go check his email before I pulled out the camera. Here is some fun footage of Lil Red attacking Isaac's bubbles. He found this infinitely more fun than blowing them :)
The stinker!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tales of the Potty take III

This morning I ran to the potty to go myself and Lil Red followed me. As I'm setting there beginning to tinkle, he climbs into my lap, and laughingly pretends to go making noises and saying Pooh. lol. Then he found his potty stool while I was working on our bed this morning. He pulled it into the living room and started pretending to go. It was obvious that he wanted his diaper off, so we took it off and let him play for awhile. He pointed at his bottom and said pooh, and said push as he sat on the potty. He would sit for a second then stand up and stick his head in the plastic pee and poop holder to see if there was a change. LOL. He was mad at me when I tried to put a diaper back on him so I let him be for a little while and then when he started putting it back into stool mode, I explained that if he wasn't sitting on the potty that we needed a diaper but that if he needed to go to tell me and I'd take the diaper off. All I have to say is this part of potty training is fun :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Tales of the Potty and Other News

So we were playing today and Lil Red gets this look on his face and looks at his diaper and starts poking it. I asked, "do you need to go to the potty?". He got so excited and ran to the bathroom laughing. We took off his diaper and he managed to squeeze out a little more pee. Whooo Peee! lol.
Now in other News.....If you don't know yet here is the official announcement.... I am pregnant again :)
I am 10 weeks along and according to this last ultra sound, baby's heart beat is normal and the spine is straight and everything looks fabulous. I had the normal blood work up done today and he'll see me in 4 weeks. I'll try to upload the ultra sound pic. Baby is not that big. He magnified the screen so we could see baby a little better which is why baby is a little blury.
So big big blessing and here's hoping that Lil Red is outta diapers by the time baby gets here. The baby is due March 6th, my thoughts are that it will be a February baby though. Both Lil Red and Isaac were early. Lil Red by 2 weeks and my water broke with him. With Isaac it was 1 week early. So we'll see :)
Okay got it uploaded. Sorry about the blue weirdness. The computer did that when I was trying to crop the thing so personal info wasn't on there. Oh well you get what you get :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tales of the Potty

So when we got home today, Lil Red had a very wet diaper. I changed it and went ahead and left his pants off while I went to the kitchen to heat up something for us to eat. After I got it in the microwave, I started calling out to Lil Red who had gone missing. I finally found him in our bathroom. He had managed to pull himself onto the potty without a stool, (pretty amazing feat for an 18 month old!). He was trying not to fall in and pulling paper off the roll, so he could feed it into the toliet. Thank goodness this was not an easy task, so it wasn't too much waste. I am so proud of my boy for taking the initiative on his own, we're just going to have to work on the removing bottoms part, lol!
Have a great Sunday!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Red has a Big Win!

Today, Big Red's company went to court to close their bankruptcy and come out of it. The judge just had to sign off on the plan. Sounds like no biggie, but out of the woodwork this last week, an old investor tried to come in from the side lines at the last minute and take over the company. This would have possibly put his job in jeapordy. Well they went to court today and the judge saw it their way and they closed the deal! They are out of bankruptcy and it looks like his company has a bright new future! So let's hear it for Big Red!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We'll be off to celebrate as soon as he gets home. Lil Red and I are all cleaned up and looking our best to greet our hero when he comes home :)

Messes Only a Mother Can Clean Up

This morning I was in the bathroom for literally 3 minutes doing my morning ablutions, when I hear Lil Red yelling for me. I let him know I was in the bathroom and he came padding in from the living room where he had been playing. I smelled him immediately! I lifted him under his arms to stand on the counter and asked if he had been worried that I'd left him. That's when I noticed the poo poo stains on his socks. I said, "uh oh, do we need to go change you diaper?". "poo poo", he says. So I carry him against my chest instead of wrapping his legs around me, so that he doesn't get it on me and pick up the diaper and wipes. I lay him down to do the change when I realize that he has poop on his jammy shirt. I think he must have put his finger in a couple of times to experiment b/c it was diarrhea and wiped it on his socks and top. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW YUCK! So I changed the diaper and just as I was finishing I realized that my top had poop on it from having him against me and a strong whiff of the diaper hit me. I was up and at the sink heaving for 3 minutes! Poor Lil Red was clinging to my knee worried about me. So I got control, got rid of the diaper and dirty clothes, changed my top and washed his hands THOROUGHLY! Now 10 minutes later he smells good and is snuggling me and watching Lil Bill while I type. I love my Lil Hooligan! I just hope his next investigation isn't so nasty :)