Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Big Boys Big Strides and a little one for Lil Red

This is not a bragging post. It's actually a joyful mother post. Isaac has decided for himself that eating vegetables is important if he is going to get his body in shape. And last night he was in the kitchen cutting up raw carrots and adding it to his food. He has been out shooting hoops for an hour and the day before working on his football catching with his brother. His prayers have all of a sudden moved on from two sentences to 10 or 12. Amadeus is working hard to put away his issues with his brother and to love him even when he's unlovable. Which lately has been less. When I was sick last night, Amadeus took over cooking dinner and with just a little bit of supervision finished our slightly complicated orange chicken dinner. Lil Red has learned to hand me his drink when he is through instead of throwing it, when he is in his stroller. We are still working on when he's in the car seat, lol. Both of the big boys are working on their own musical talents. And Isaac has gotten really excited about passing off his scout stuff and getting caught up. He was pouring over his book for atleast an hour last night. I am so excited at the maturing changes that I have seen happening in my boys. I find these big blessings even though to others they may seem small.

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Juen said...

Glad things are moving right along. They look great in their suits.