Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Isaac Loses Appendix

They found it somewhere in China, lol. Actually this morning I took him to the ER after he started screaming and yelling in pain and throwing up. I recognized my own symptoms from many years before. I was fortunate that I was able to get ahold of my home teachers wife, to come watch Lil Red b/c I could never have managed to get Isaac from the car into the hospital and carry Lil Red as well. I was bowed over from Isaac's weight. Luckily for my sweet boy, I went through having my appendix in the wrong place and was able to make sure that the technicians checked for it even though his pain was centralized like mine. They diagnosed him pretty quickly, but we had to wait till 3:30 this afternoon b/c the surgery rooms were full till then. He is sleeping soundly and Mom is stretched out where I am supposed to be sleeping. She says she'll move when I'm ready to lay down, but she looks like she's there to stay, lol. I am so thankful for my husband, who came back home when he found out what was going on and brought me a change of pants, Isaac threw up on me, and Isaac his glasses, and me some food. Then he hung out all day with Lil Red to make sure everything was okay. I know it meant he got behind at work and that he is exhausted tonight from dealing with a napless Lil Red. But he is so awesome! I wouldn't have made it through the day without him and I know it meant alot to Isaac that he stayed. Isaac also had his best friend visit, his Dad made it down with some special chef food that he made in class for him. It felt like I was in a celebrities room, lol. My mom of course came down as well and is the reason I am able to type this up. The surgery went well and hopefully by tomorrow night we will be at home in our own beds.
Hugz to everyone who prayed for us :)
Oh the picture with the blue hat is his party hat going into surgery. Isn't he handsome!?