Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Maize

Yay, I finally made time to post the pics! This was such a fun trip. It was a little warm in the maze where the corn blocked the breeze. Lil Red and I ended up with mild sun burns.But the day was beautiful and we had so much fun. And there were definitely tons of photo ops. Dad did great running back and forth making sure everything had a picture to go with it in the end. The big boys had protested going and shooting the corn, but when they got over there they started having fun. We will definitely have to go back when Lil Red is about 6 or 7. That seems to be the real age everything is geared to. But all of us adults had fun to despite it being a bit crowded. It was so funny, we had to let other groups go ahead of us because we wanted to answer the questions ourselves and not overhear what the other groups chose. I guess I should explain that they gave you a series of questions, based on different cattegories that corresponded with posts in the maize. Once at a post, you read the question and based on the answer, you know to go left or right. Although we had a hard time figuring out if you were supposed to face the post or stand in front of it. It makes a difference, LOL!

Our version of Smallville, live at The Maize

A Little on our trip to the zoo

So a couple of weeks ago, Lil Red and I went to the zoo with Auntie Em and her sister-in-law. It was a lot of fun! Lil Red's favorite animal was the Sea Lion, which we actually got to see a show. But his favorite part of the zoo was the big windmill in the children's area. It was completely still when we walked up and then the wind picked up while we were standing there and Lil Red got sooooooooo excited. He was bouncing and talking and lifting his hands and face up to it. He thought that was the neatest thing. LOL. Most kids go to the zoo for animals, not my kid. He thinks there weird, and would rather be an engineer than a veterinarian. He he. So the pics are belown and hopefully I'll get the maze pics posted tonight as well. Enjoy!

Zoo Fun with Lil T and Her Other Cousin

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roaches and Long Weekend

It is a very popular story among my family to talk about how when i was a little girl, I would chase roaches and smush them with my barefeet before my mom could stop me. I know eeewww, gross! However, I would much prefer that to the issues that I am having with Lil Red right now. Twice now he has found a dead tree roach (different ones ;) I know you were thinking why doesn't she pick it up:P ) , however, instead of smushing it he is trying it out to see what it tastes like. I shudder! So far I have caught him just as he is putting it to his mouth. Hopefully he doesn't develop a taste for them and demand chocolate covered ones! Ughhh!
So on to more tasteful topics. This weekend was a long weekend and we went over to S.A. to visit Uncle E and Aunt M. It was so much fun and we took a ton of pictures. I will be posting these and an excursion that Lil Red and Aunty Em and I made to the zoo last week as well. But first I must buy new batteries for the camera, lol. All I can say is that I'm so happy that it didn't die on me during our weekend of fun. So stay tuned for lots of photo fun :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking Your Medicine

Our family knows that anytime we or the kids are sick to adminsiter a tsp of cinnamon and to take in oregano tea. (For those outside the family that don't know, cinnamon is an anti bacterial agent and oregano fights viruses). The problem with taking a tsp of cinnmon straight is that you usually inhale some of the powder and have a coughing fit for the next 15 to 30 min. and of course Oregano tea isn't very tasty. Well today I came up with a new way of doing the cinnamon dosage. Honey graham crackers and rice milk and add your tsp of cinnamon. The rice milk is lactose free and doesn't cause sinus problems or drainage like regular milk would. And talk about tasty!
As for the oregano, for a long time I have been fixing chicken noodle soups with liberal dosing of oregano. I don't think the boys or I would be able to stomach chicken noodle soup without the oregano. It would be to bland, lol. So since sugar doesn't help the immune system, try these tasty ideas to take your natural medicines. I sure am thankful for the blessing that Heavenly Father gave us so many different flavors and definitely taste buds!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My Funny Boy

I've decided that DK is an orange personality. I may be wrong but he is always taking things to far. Pushing people's buttons and doesn't even realize that it's a problem before it's too late and then gets defensive. He is a major cut up and loves to entertain people. He's extremely competitive. He isn't very huggy but when he does give loving it's a precious thing. And that brings me to this morning. I went to wake them up for scripture reading this morning and DK jumps out of bed and says, "Mom, I hope nothing happens to you ever. I like having you around." I laughed and said, "that almost sounded like a threat. Was it?" You know most preteen and teenage boys don't like getting up in the morning, and my two are no exception.

However, he said, "no, bad things happen sometimes, like car wrecks and muggings and...."he listed a couple of more, "I just don't want anything to happen to you". I laughed and said, "okay, well thanks for that, I appreciate it". He laughed too and we all went to the dining room to get started.

It wasn't until I was driving them to school that it sunk in that he was saying, "he loved me". I started thinking about how as a teenager, that no matter how mad I was at my parents, I never wished them harm. How wonderful that my son feels the same way about me. In todays cliamate where the media will have you blame your parents for everything bad about your life and that parents are stupid, it is no wonder that some kids do wish them harm and do them harm as well. Such a compliment by my hardest headed son is a big one and I appreciate his expression for the blessing it is. I LOVE YOU TOO, DK! Although you already knew that :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay Lil Red finally did it!

You know they always say it's about motivation and I guess they are right. We had DK at guitar lessons tonight and MM and I were playing checkers while we waited. Lil Red wanted those checker pieces, so he started crawling forwards. So when we got home I told Big Red and he wanted to see so he landed his helicopter a little ways away from Lil Red so he would go after it. This is a video of that. It's very cute. We are so proud of him! Even the boys are super proud, you'd think they were the parents, lol. Well enjoy!