Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Maize

Yay, I finally made time to post the pics! This was such a fun trip. It was a little warm in the maze where the corn blocked the breeze. Lil Red and I ended up with mild sun burns.But the day was beautiful and we had so much fun. And there were definitely tons of photo ops. Dad did great running back and forth making sure everything had a picture to go with it in the end. The big boys had protested going and shooting the corn, but when they got over there they started having fun. We will definitely have to go back when Lil Red is about 6 or 7. That seems to be the real age everything is geared to. But all of us adults had fun to despite it being a bit crowded. It was so funny, we had to let other groups go ahead of us because we wanted to answer the questions ourselves and not overhear what the other groups chose. I guess I should explain that they gave you a series of questions, based on different cattegories that corresponded with posts in the maize. Once at a post, you read the question and based on the answer, you know to go left or right. Although we had a hard time figuring out if you were supposed to face the post or stand in front of it. It makes a difference, LOL!

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