Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Roaches and Long Weekend

It is a very popular story among my family to talk about how when i was a little girl, I would chase roaches and smush them with my barefeet before my mom could stop me. I know eeewww, gross! However, I would much prefer that to the issues that I am having with Lil Red right now. Twice now he has found a dead tree roach (different ones ;) I know you were thinking why doesn't she pick it up:P ) , however, instead of smushing it he is trying it out to see what it tastes like. I shudder! So far I have caught him just as he is putting it to his mouth. Hopefully he doesn't develop a taste for them and demand chocolate covered ones! Ughhh!
So on to more tasteful topics. This weekend was a long weekend and we went over to S.A. to visit Uncle E and Aunt M. It was so much fun and we took a ton of pictures. I will be posting these and an excursion that Lil Red and Aunty Em and I made to the zoo last week as well. But first I must buy new batteries for the camera, lol. All I can say is that I'm so happy that it didn't die on me during our weekend of fun. So stay tuned for lots of photo fun :)


Pirate Princess said...

lol - looking forward to the pics...

Look at it this way - Lil Red is developing a taste for delicacies... hmmmm... snails next?


Juen said...

I like the layout of your blog much better. It looks great. Oh well, Lil Red likes roaches, his uncle Russell just couldn't get enough of rocks and buttons. Try as hard as I could it was always a struggle and sometimes a losing proposition trying to keep them out of his mouth. The button came from my inlaws who did not have the house baby proofed. He survived nicely.