Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sleeping Through the Night and Other News

Okay I know this post is going to irritate Em and I hope it doesn't jinx us....But Douglas and I are celebrating right now. Lil Red has slept through the night for the past two nights. This also means that he is down to a brief nursing right before bed time! Texas Blue, I need your dancing baby, lol. You'll have to tell me how to put him on here.
In other news....Isaac gave his first guitar performance. He had butterflies in his stomach and was super nervous, but he did great! I told him that you couldn't tell that he was nervous in fact he was the first out about 15 that seemed to enjoy his piece. He played Delta Blues. He says the ending was all wrong, apparently he blanked out on how it ended and made up something. Bravo! I say! That's talent. He never stopped or let on that he forgot and he's the only one that did his piece from memory.Great job Isaac!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party w/ Grandma and Lil Red

My mom and I attended The Woodlands Tea Party Texas Wednesday w/ Lil Red. He had so much fun. He stole two ladies flags and waved them around for awhile till Grandma made him give them back. He got licked in the face by a big black dog, lol, he didn't know what to think of that. Just pursed his lips and said "ewww". However, it didn't deter him from chasing all the dogs he saw to pet and say,"woof". We signed a declaration banner, and picked up bumper stickers for our cars. We listened to couple of the speakers including Mattress Mac, who was awesome. I asked Mom if she thought he would run for office. She said, "no, he's always been civically minded.". My comment is, "exactly! and since he's a well known figure he would be perfect for stepping up to the job". We do need a change in leadership. I admire the young man who is running against Kevin Brady this next term. He saw that Kevin Brady voted for stimulus packages and decided that he was going to do something about it. I wish my brother would run for office. I know he'll read this and laugh. He has in own goals, but he's the kind of leader that would be conscientious and think through his decisions and come up with good ideas. Our people our thirsting for good leadership. The world is thirsting for good leadership. Enough w/ all these celebrity politicians! Give us down to earth, God fearing people!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Fun

Okay these pics aren't exactly in order but oh well, lol. Lil Red has already decided that he wants to learn how to drive Grandpa's big wheels :)We didn't do much in the way of Easter Egg hunting. I put out 5 eggs. He was interested in picking up one. Douglas was laughing at me, telling me he told me so.

Below is a pic of us swinging on the swing together. But here Lil Red wanted to swing himself :)

Douglas loves this picture. He feels it's such a typical expression for Lil Red. "You want me to do what, mom?"

We had a blast tickling Lil Red's tummy. He is very interested in his belly button and has infact learned to say, "belly button". Her he is getting that bb tickled by mommy.

Here is Grandma feeding Lil Red some chocolate. Looks like he just bit her finger, lol.

Here is one of us on the swing together. I love his sweet smile.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tons of pics, but First!

I just have to write a post about the most terrific mom in the world! Last night and the night before, Lil Red didn't sleep much which means I didn't sleep at all. Due to my body being taxed already by the growing baby and then no sleep for two nights. I had an outbreak of shingles this morning. Now my mother asked me two or three weeks ago if I needed her to pick me up some shingles rescue. I was almost out but I haven't had a break out in over a year, so I told her nope, I thought I was okay. So she called today and found out that I was dealing with a baby w/ a bad ear infection and me not feeling well from nausea and dealing w/ shingles. She promptly asked if I would like her to go buy me some shingles rescue and bring it to me. Which meant an extra 2 and half hour drive for her. Then when she got here she visited w/ me for a short while which is always a comfort. I was going to try to give Lil Red to her to hold while I picked a bit, but he was only wanting me since his fever was up. So instead she started picking up. Not a whole lot but enough that I wasn't depressed looking around at the simple things that I wanted to pick up but couldn't b/c someone wouldn't let me move from the couch and holding him.
By the time she left, Lil Red and I were considerably cheered and since then I have gotten all of our stuff put away out of our bags from this weekend. Quite an accomplishment. But pictures will have to wait b/c someone is a begging at my knees again. Guess it's time to cuddle some more. Thanks Mom for uplifiting my day!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday's walk

Tuesday, we woke up to a chilly morning and none of our family had slept well. Big Red and I had been up w/ a cranky baby almost all night. Amadeus had construction noise going on outside that kept him awake and Isaac, I think had one too many cookies before bedtime, lol. So after taking the boys to school, John and I settled down immediately for a much needed nap. Afterwards, we ate a late breakfast and romped around the living room. It looked very beautiful outside but I checked the temperature and it was kind of chilly. When I start walking to our favorite park sometimes I walk pretty briskly and w/ a chill poor lil Red's nose and ears can get rather cold. So I almost talked myself out of going but I finally mustered the courage and bundled him up just enough. I am so glad that I did! By the time we we're halfway there the blanket came off of John and so did my jacket. I kept a slow pace and he and I enjoyed making "Bu bu" sounds as the bikers passed to work on saying 'Bike'. The honey suckle had died back but the trail was alive w/ pink, purple, red, white, and orangish pink blooms. When we got to the park there was a grandpa wearing a cowboy hat. Reminded me of my grandpa and he had a beautiful chocolate dalmation. Now this was no ordinary dalmation. He was very mild mannered and his coat was so soft. He was very calm as Lil Red came over to pet him and love on him. I even enjoyed petting him. Good thing the man wasn't trying to sell the dog or poor Douglas would have come home to a new pet. LOL. So then Lil Red and I played and played all over the playground. We even came down the big red slide together on our bellies with our hands linked. Lil Red thought that was hilarious. On the way back we stopped and checked out every kind of new blossom we saw. What a beautiful and enjoyable excursion! And to think we could have missed out on it b/c I was feeling truth be told a little bit lazy. So if your thinking about a walk and you just don't know if you have enough energy or whatever... suck it up, take it slow, grab an energy drink...but whatever you do......get out there and enjoy!

Lil Red get's his groove on w/ Dad and Amadeus

At first he is a little fussy but once Dad get's the right song he just takes off! lol.

Enjoy! We do this is one of our favorite activities in the evening. Even Isaac enjoys dancing with him, but I think he was on facebook at the time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Playing w/ Remote control cars

Douglas took this on his new phone toy :)

Lil Red Antics Take 2

Big Red bought a new computer and the box was perfect for Lil Red. My fave pic is of him peering through the hole in the side. He's had a lot of fun climbing in and out. The video below is of him singing on the karoke machine. He had gotten quiet and I went in search of him. Only to find him in Amadeus's closet. When I coaxed him out he had the mic in hand and had been pushing buttons trying to get it turned on. So I brought it out and hooked it up. He is soooo musically inclined. lol. I'll have to get a video of him dancing w/ Big Red's Blackberry I-pod. He loves the Beatles song "I work all day". I think that's what it's called. Anyways...enjoy!

Blue Bonnet Pics

I haven't taken blue bonnet pics since the boys were 7 and 8. I love the pictures because they are so vivid w/ rich color, but I'm not one of those die hards that does it every year. But I've been wanting to do it for awhile now and the timing was right, so we took some great pictures today after conference. I wish the wind hadn't been blowing. But I figure that next weekend on the way to Mom and Dad W for Easter that will stop and take more of John and Me. I'd like to get some pics of Douglas and I, but well, we know how he is about pics. Isaac on the other hand had a blast with this and even let me take some singles of him. I think they definitely reflect his personality. None of the ones with me and all three of the boys came out but atleast there are the couple of cute ones with all three of them. Well enjoy! And come back in a couple of weeks for the next set :) Oh and don't forget that if you double click on a picture you can get a bigger view.