Monday, April 13, 2009

Tons of pics, but First!

I just have to write a post about the most terrific mom in the world! Last night and the night before, Lil Red didn't sleep much which means I didn't sleep at all. Due to my body being taxed already by the growing baby and then no sleep for two nights. I had an outbreak of shingles this morning. Now my mother asked me two or three weeks ago if I needed her to pick me up some shingles rescue. I was almost out but I haven't had a break out in over a year, so I told her nope, I thought I was okay. So she called today and found out that I was dealing with a baby w/ a bad ear infection and me not feeling well from nausea and dealing w/ shingles. She promptly asked if I would like her to go buy me some shingles rescue and bring it to me. Which meant an extra 2 and half hour drive for her. Then when she got here she visited w/ me for a short while which is always a comfort. I was going to try to give Lil Red to her to hold while I picked a bit, but he was only wanting me since his fever was up. So instead she started picking up. Not a whole lot but enough that I wasn't depressed looking around at the simple things that I wanted to pick up but couldn't b/c someone wouldn't let me move from the couch and holding him.
By the time she left, Lil Red and I were considerably cheered and since then I have gotten all of our stuff put away out of our bags from this weekend. Quite an accomplishment. But pictures will have to wait b/c someone is a begging at my knees again. Guess it's time to cuddle some more. Thanks Mom for uplifiting my day!


Edward and Marian said...

I love her too!!!

FranE said...

It wasn't anything. I am glad you are feeling better.

skinny minny said...

your mom is a great one! hope you are continueing to improve.
poor lilred ear infections bite big time!