Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday's walk

Tuesday, we woke up to a chilly morning and none of our family had slept well. Big Red and I had been up w/ a cranky baby almost all night. Amadeus had construction noise going on outside that kept him awake and Isaac, I think had one too many cookies before bedtime, lol. So after taking the boys to school, John and I settled down immediately for a much needed nap. Afterwards, we ate a late breakfast and romped around the living room. It looked very beautiful outside but I checked the temperature and it was kind of chilly. When I start walking to our favorite park sometimes I walk pretty briskly and w/ a chill poor lil Red's nose and ears can get rather cold. So I almost talked myself out of going but I finally mustered the courage and bundled him up just enough. I am so glad that I did! By the time we we're halfway there the blanket came off of John and so did my jacket. I kept a slow pace and he and I enjoyed making "Bu bu" sounds as the bikers passed to work on saying 'Bike'. The honey suckle had died back but the trail was alive w/ pink, purple, red, white, and orangish pink blooms. When we got to the park there was a grandpa wearing a cowboy hat. Reminded me of my grandpa and he had a beautiful chocolate dalmation. Now this was no ordinary dalmation. He was very mild mannered and his coat was so soft. He was very calm as Lil Red came over to pet him and love on him. I even enjoyed petting him. Good thing the man wasn't trying to sell the dog or poor Douglas would have come home to a new pet. LOL. So then Lil Red and I played and played all over the playground. We even came down the big red slide together on our bellies with our hands linked. Lil Red thought that was hilarious. On the way back we stopped and checked out every kind of new blossom we saw. What a beautiful and enjoyable excursion! And to think we could have missed out on it b/c I was feeling truth be told a little bit lazy. So if your thinking about a walk and you just don't know if you have enough energy or whatever... suck it up, take it slow, grab an energy drink...but whatever you do......get out there and enjoy!

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skinny minny said...

sounds like a fun outing! honeysuckles are all bloomed out? up here ( oh soooo far north of you) they are beginning to die off but still smell teriffic.