Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party w/ Grandma and Lil Red

My mom and I attended The Woodlands Tea Party Texas Wednesday w/ Lil Red. He had so much fun. He stole two ladies flags and waved them around for awhile till Grandma made him give them back. He got licked in the face by a big black dog, lol, he didn't know what to think of that. Just pursed his lips and said "ewww". However, it didn't deter him from chasing all the dogs he saw to pet and say,"woof". We signed a declaration banner, and picked up bumper stickers for our cars. We listened to couple of the speakers including Mattress Mac, who was awesome. I asked Mom if she thought he would run for office. She said, "no, he's always been civically minded.". My comment is, "exactly! and since he's a well known figure he would be perfect for stepping up to the job". We do need a change in leadership. I admire the young man who is running against Kevin Brady this next term. He saw that Kevin Brady voted for stimulus packages and decided that he was going to do something about it. I wish my brother would run for office. I know he'll read this and laugh. He has in own goals, but he's the kind of leader that would be conscientious and think through his decisions and come up with good ideas. Our people our thirsting for good leadership. The world is thirsting for good leadership. Enough w/ all these celebrity politicians! Give us down to earth, God fearing people!

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FranE said...

WE so should have had a camera with us!!!
The redhead was funny and pictures of the crowd would have spoken a 1000 words.
Love you