Saturday, November 8, 2008

About the pictures below

My birthday was wonderful this year! My adopted sister TISO came down and took me out to get a pedicure. Lil Red decided he wanted in on some of the fun and decided to soak his feet with me. Afterwards we went to the mall to look for me some jeans. TISO was my good luck charm. I found two pairs of perfect fitting jeans right away and a great pair of clip hoops that I've been looking for, for 5 years. I'm wearing the hoops and a pair of the jeans in the halloween pics :)
BTW in the last month I've gone down from a size 14 to a 10 sometimes 8. Hence the need for new jeans. I'm so excited! Then we met Big Red for lunch at this great Mexican restraunt. I had my two faves, Chile Relleno and Cheese Enchilada. Big Red gave lil Red a taste of hot sauce, poor thing, was banging the table for water. Mean daddy :P
So then we did a little looking at Bed Bath and Beyond and then went home to visit a little before TISO went home. Then it was off to get the boys and do the lessons that they have on Thursdays. It's our long evening as they have fencing and DK has guitar lessons. So I brought them rice krispy treats to share. Lil Red loves rice krispy treats as you can tell from the pics. And the white fence pic is at the fencing academy. He loves leaning against the fence and watching the boys. So after we got home I went into the kitchen to grab a pizza to put in the oven for dinner and found a huge bouquet of yellow roses with berries in it. They were so sunshiny and brite! My sweet Big Red had bought them for me and gotten me the mushiest and sweetest birthday card ever, suffice it to say that I cried, and I have never cried over a birthday card. I loved it! He made me feel so special. The rest of the evening was spent playing phase 10 with my boys. I won of course :), the boys were sure that I was cheating because I went out quickly on the first 4 or 5 rounds and there were only 2 rounds that I didn't go out. But for the record I didn't cheat. It was just birthday luck :)
Okay onto halloween. Some of the pics are at the mall which is where we ended up. It was crazy there. Big Red and I were looking for my b-day present and thought we'd show off our cute baby. And yes everyone cooed and offered him chocolate, lol. Emy should have come with us and she would have had a years supply. I just turned them down and said he was to young, lol. He had so much watching all the other little ones and of course he enjoyed his first taste of candy from the sucker Big Red gave him. He only got a couple of sucks before Daddy threw it away though. He was monkey enough without the sugar! So we have had our first halloween. It was fun. I think next year we might try for Flash Gordon though, our monkey boy sure is fast! Sorry it took so long to get these up. Hugz, Raydiant

My Little Sock Monkey on his first Halloween

My birthday fun