Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lil Red's Antics Pics

Lil Red Antics

Our funny bunny keeps all of us in stitches. Last night he was watching us play the game that you pass the little hand held disc that has a phrase and a timer and you try and get your partner to guess what your phrase is without using words in the phrase. Needless to say we all get very intense and there is some jumping up and down and we use are hands alot. Well after we were done he started crying for the disc, so we gave it to him, he then fussed until we started the timer. Once started he got very intense and used his hands and started babbling. It was hilarious! He was playing the game! We would yell out a word and say, 'we guessed it! Pass us the thing'. He would give it to us and then babble and reach out for the disc again. We played until the buzzer went off. He cried when we put it away. He definitely is a socializer. I mentioned in an earlier post about his being a dictator from a stepping stool. I will include the pics I took of that in a slide show. I had to go to the state comptrollers office today and he managed to charm everyone in the office. A big feat for a government office! Unfortunately, he pooped in his pants and I needed to change him, so the clerk that was helping me let me into their bathroom. As this was not a family facility there was no diaper changer. I managed to fit him on the sink and start changing his diaper. Only he had discovered he could turn on the faucet by moving the sink handle. So while I'm trying to get his diaper changed, I'm also continually turning off the sink to keep us from getting soaked and trying to keep from getting poop everywhere. Which by the way it is very annoying when you forget to pull apart a couple of baby wipes before starting, Oh and did I mention in the middle of this I realized that I needed to pee! Yes it was definitely one of my more hilarious moments as a mother. Hope everyone gets a good laugh and enjoys the slide show!

Great Honor

Amadeus was asked to be the 'Lights Man' for the One Act Play contestants from our school. To begin with, the students asked for him. The reason they asked for him was because they knew that he had the serious turn of mind and the ability to remember things he is focused on. This is all important since he would only have one night (the night before) to meet with the hosting high school students to be shown how the lights work and figure out which lights he wanted to use in just a two hour period. He did such a great job that his crew got an Honorary Crew Award and he got a personal award for Best Crew Member! Amadeus has no previous experience in this. He couldn't practice at the school as they only have one light switch that turns on all the lights. This was a big success! Congratulations Amadeus!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Opossums Strike Again

Okay, so here is the scoop. There is a new opossum in our attic! Douglas and I think we live on their breeding grounds. So frustrating. Last Thursday we were sleeping and all of a sudden we start hearing scratching and movement in the ceiling above our room. I had just mumbled to Douglas, "the opossum's back", when 'crash!' down through our ceiling falls the bumbling creature. It had fallen through the spot where Douglas had cut a hole to find the last one. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, our high boy bureau was under it and it was able to gain its footing and scramble back up in the attic. You should have seen my brave hero as he peeked up in that small hole looking for the culprit, as I lay cowering on the bed fearing that it would attack my prince's pretty face and calling out faintly, "do you see it?". He put a board in place of the cardboard so the creature wouldn't fall on our heads anymore and we went to bed. We thought that it had gone out b/c it had gotten very quiet but as we settled in again, it became apparent that it had been playing dead some where in the dim light of the attic. The next day Douglas scoped things out trying to find it. When he didn't find anything he put a trap up there which as of yet hasn't caught the creature. I don't think it likes peanut butter sandwiches. Douglas thought that it would be attracted to the smell. I'm having the boys put fruit up there tonight. But I digress. As Douglas was checking things out up there, he misstepped and fell through Isaac's ceiling. He must have been banging his hand to keep from cursing because it sounded like he had caught the thing and was beating it to death. But he assured us that he hadn't seen even a hair or tail of the fellow. So it comes to this....What are we supposed to learn from this trial? Possible answers...
1.We need to move? LOL
2. Sleep isn't necessary? (I'm learning that with Lil Red already)
3. All creatures are made by God? (big ? mark after that one)
4. Life is full of adventures? (I'd rather climb Mount Everest)
So does anyone else have possible answers? We really are tired of these varmint adventures. It stinks to lose sleep over critters. And have so many holes in your ceiling (roll eyes)

2nd Anniversary

That's right! Today is Big Red's and my two year anniversary. I told him the other day that it feels like it has been much longer. At first he wasn't sure how to take that, lol. Then I explained that I meant that in a good way. It usually takes much longer for merging families to reach the point that ours has. Now in no way have we overcome all our issues as a merging family, but in many ways we work together as a family unit as if we have been doing so for some time. I think being blessed with the birth of Lil Red has also added to this feeling of mine. I love that our family can sit down in the living room for 30 minutes or more at a time and just laugh at Lil Red's antics. Last night he was going up and down a step ladder and acting like a dictator. We were all cracking up laughing. But back to my marriage of two years. Douglas and I were definitely prepared for each other. We see so many second marriages fall apart and in the first 6 months of our marriage, I have to admit that I had my share of worries as to whether ours would make it. However, with the pregnancy and birth of our first son together, dealing with opossum's (will be writing another post on this one), and working on getting to the temple to be sealed for all time and eternity, I would say the honeymoon has been long over. And yet I have no doubts that our sealing will come to pass. I have no doubt that my husband and I are meant to share in the eternities together. My husband is all that I have ever looked for in a mate. I appreciate his ability to cuddle me. I love his mischevious, playful attitude. He is the hardest worker I have ever known besides my Dad. I love that he knows how to play and that he has been supportive as I've fumbled around to figure out my life in a completely new role as a stay at home mom. Now I know some of you believe that I did that before for a short time period with Amadeus. But the truth was during that time period, I was a trapped at home mom. I now have the freedom, thanks to my husband, to be involved in my children's education, to run errands, to meal plan, to give service, to have complete stewardship in overseeing the care of our home. My marriage is a dream marriage, even in the midst of trials, even when things don't go exactly the way that I want them to...lol..I know that it is the biggest blessing of my life so far and I thank my Father in Heaven for my handsome prince every day. So Happy Anniversary Honey!

P.S. I have something special cookin for dinner ;)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

We are spending Valentines w/ Douglas's parents so they could have some fun w/ Lil Red. Lil Red is having a blast and hasn't had much time for nursing today as he has been busy exploring. I've decided that in order to wean him that we'll have to stay a week. LOL!
I just wanted to say though that on this Valentines Day, I am so glad to not be in the middle of something new. In 2007, Douglas and I were approaching our wedding which is on the 23rd. Then in 2008, I was the mother of an infant again after 11 years. This year I can lay back and relax and enjoy my chocolates. NOT! lol, I have to fight for my chocolates between Dad and Lil Red, and Lil Red leaves no time for relaxing. As I am typing this he is running around Grandma's house and creating all sorts of havoc. But I am so happy to have so many in my life to lavish love on. I adore my family and I wouldn't change their personalities for the world they make my life a rainbow of colors. So Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lil Red's first B-day

So the pics of Lil Red's B-day party are below. I'm a little late posting this, since we celebrated a week early, but I've been a busy bee lately. Well it was a fun day. Auntie Em and Uncle J and Lil T had stayed over b/c they were headed back to California and Grandma E came down and stayed as well. This was a big reason we celebrated early but it was also the weekend that we would have the boys, so it just worked out. Auntie Em got Lil Red the best present, a Little People barn set. We found it at good will for $2.99 and in mint condition! That's also where I found his little boots. Same price! They are so cute and I now love our Good will store! LOL. He also got a the toy car plane from Grandma, and she's promised to send him her little tikes slide. We just have to figure out how to transport it. Lil Red LOVES slides. In case your wondering his cake was a fish that was created by putting together alot of cupcakes. I really liked this idea for a first b-day cake. Lil Red was tired by the time we got to the cake and when he realized the icing wouldn't come off his fingers, he was distressed, but when we laughed he decided it was funny. We got all that on video and I'll try to down load that tomorrow. So yes my sweet baby is one now and so full of life and exploration. I was just telling Auntie Em today that the only thing I could do with out is the "mmm" stage. You know when they think you understand everything they want to say with that one sound. Drives me nuts! LOL. We are definitely blessed to have this stealer of our hearts in our home :) Oh don't forget it takes a while for all the photos to load in from photo bucket so give it a couple minutes if you don't see the cake and frosting smearing pics right away ;)

Lil Red's First B-day party photos