Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lil Red Antics

Our funny bunny keeps all of us in stitches. Last night he was watching us play the game that you pass the little hand held disc that has a phrase and a timer and you try and get your partner to guess what your phrase is without using words in the phrase. Needless to say we all get very intense and there is some jumping up and down and we use are hands alot. Well after we were done he started crying for the disc, so we gave it to him, he then fussed until we started the timer. Once started he got very intense and used his hands and started babbling. It was hilarious! He was playing the game! We would yell out a word and say, 'we guessed it! Pass us the thing'. He would give it to us and then babble and reach out for the disc again. We played until the buzzer went off. He cried when we put it away. He definitely is a socializer. I mentioned in an earlier post about his being a dictator from a stepping stool. I will include the pics I took of that in a slide show. I had to go to the state comptrollers office today and he managed to charm everyone in the office. A big feat for a government office! Unfortunately, he pooped in his pants and I needed to change him, so the clerk that was helping me let me into their bathroom. As this was not a family facility there was no diaper changer. I managed to fit him on the sink and start changing his diaper. Only he had discovered he could turn on the faucet by moving the sink handle. So while I'm trying to get his diaper changed, I'm also continually turning off the sink to keep us from getting soaked and trying to keep from getting poop everywhere. Which by the way it is very annoying when you forget to pull apart a couple of baby wipes before starting, Oh and did I mention in the middle of this I realized that I needed to pee! Yes it was definitely one of my more hilarious moments as a mother. Hope everyone gets a good laugh and enjoys the slide show!

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FranE said...

Yep, I had a great laugh.
So have been there and done that
He is a doll.