Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lil Red's first B-day

So the pics of Lil Red's B-day party are below. I'm a little late posting this, since we celebrated a week early, but I've been a busy bee lately. Well it was a fun day. Auntie Em and Uncle J and Lil T had stayed over b/c they were headed back to California and Grandma E came down and stayed as well. This was a big reason we celebrated early but it was also the weekend that we would have the boys, so it just worked out. Auntie Em got Lil Red the best present, a Little People barn set. We found it at good will for $2.99 and in mint condition! That's also where I found his little boots. Same price! They are so cute and I now love our Good will store! LOL. He also got a the toy car plane from Grandma, and she's promised to send him her little tikes slide. We just have to figure out how to transport it. Lil Red LOVES slides. In case your wondering his cake was a fish that was created by putting together alot of cupcakes. I really liked this idea for a first b-day cake. Lil Red was tired by the time we got to the cake and when he realized the icing wouldn't come off his fingers, he was distressed, but when we laughed he decided it was funny. We got all that on video and I'll try to down load that tomorrow. So yes my sweet baby is one now and so full of life and exploration. I was just telling Auntie Em today that the only thing I could do with out is the "mmm" stage. You know when they think you understand everything they want to say with that one sound. Drives me nuts! LOL. We are definitely blessed to have this stealer of our hearts in our home :) Oh don't forget it takes a while for all the photos to load in from photo bucket so give it a couple minutes if you don't see the cake and frosting smearing pics right away ;)

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