Saturday, November 28, 2009


This years Thanksgiving was a relatively quiet affair if you don't count the three toddlers that we had running around :)
Mom was in Cali. and so those of us left in Texas sans my youngest brother decided to get together and do Thanksgiving lunch. I have to say that I adore cooking with my brother's wife. She's so much fun to be in the kitchen with. We ended up with a wonderful spread that was way too much for the number of people eating. We made three pies that all turned out wonderful and I think I gained five pounds this weekend. We got to play with my sisters kids and Lil Red across the way at the park several times and enjoyed playing games with my brother and his wife. Friday we drove up to see my Grandma and then went over to some antique shops to look around. Big Red and I found a desk that if it's still there when we go back in December we are definitely going to get it. It was a roll top secretary just Lil Red's size! and in wonderful shape too!
I would be remiss if I didn't list some of the things that I'm thankful for this year so here goes....
1. my husband- He is so good to me and I love growing with him in the gospel and I love watching him with the kids. I know I made the right choice in marrying him.
2. my children- Amadeus is always such a comfort to me. He has such a deep desire to see everyone happy. Isaac is always making me laugh. And I'm so proud of the strides he makes. They are both going to be fine young men. Lil Red is such a great helper and so smart. I know that he just makes his Daddy's heart sing. And this new little one. I'm so glad that we have this sweet spirit on his way. I know that he's going to be a special edition to our family and that it was super important for him to come to our family. family- From my mom to my sisters and brothers. I am thankful that I have good relationships with them all. I know I'm closer to some than others, but I guess that is true in all families. I just know that I'm blessed to belong to a family that understands the importance of families and when I see a brother or sister I never have to muster up courage to give them a hug. It's just the natural course of things :)
4. the gospel- As I've been studying my lessons for teaching in Relief Society over the last few months, I've realized WHAT a great blessing the restored gospel is. I'm thankful to participate in temple ordinances. I've worked hard to be able to do so and I know what a blessing it is.
5. For our home- It's been a challenge over the last two years as we've dealt with leaks and oppossums and other challenges with our home. I was so excited when Big Red said we needed to start looking at the housing market for a new one closer to his work. But over the last month, I've taken stock of the home that has been ours since we married. And it's been a good home. A great place for all of us to learn and grow together. That has offered us the chance to be close to my Dad's mom and to deepen ties with his family. It's offered many funny stories for us to tell our grand children as we get older of oppossums falling through the ceiling and bailing water in the middle of the night so that our bed didn't float away. So even though it will be great to move to a house with more space to grow, I have to say that I DO love and appreciate the home that we've had here.
I promise I'll post pictures tomorrow. Hugz to all and a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Potty Training on His Own

So other than making a big deal when I have to go to the bathroom, or setting Lil Red on the potty before his bath or when he wakes up, we haven't done anymore potty training. He was having frequent diahreah and just didn't seem ready so we backed off. Well today out of the blue, he ran in and grabbed my leg like he does when he wants me to follow him and started shouting, "pee pee!". I followed him to the bathroom and helped him take off his diaper. He had already started peeing, but realized it and stopped himself. After I helped him onto the toliet, he didn't want me to help anymore. Using one hand to balance and the other one to shove me away, so I didn't help balance him. He is VERY independent! He finished peeing in the potty and was so funny b/c he got down and wanted to pull the seat up and sit on the potty again with the seat up. I went and got Daddy for reinforcements that that is not how it's done b/c he wasn't wanting to listen. So after we got that cleared up, he raised his hands above his head in the victory cheer and said, "I did it!". We cheered for him and then he asked for a new diaper, which is new for him, b/c usually he would run away from us and try to stay butt naked, lol! So Yay! maybe we'll be in big boy pants by his birthday :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lil Red's Pony Trick

Halloween Fun

Okay these pics got put in in reverse order. LOL. But Lil Red was Huckleberry Finn for halloween last night. He loved his freckles. lol. We decided since it was so chilly that we would stay in and watch a show and let him hand out treats to trick or treaters. We had two whole trick or treaters come by. I should of put up a sign, " Candy in here!" . He had fun giving the two kids candy though. And I think he was glad that there were only two b/c it meant more candy for him to raid. I told Big Red that he should have given handfuls of the nasty marshmellow peeps to the two kids. I said, " I don't mind getting stuck with the chocolate, but those marshmellow things are nasty". He laughed and said I wasn't very charitable :P
Maybe so, but I wouldn't have bought the peeps in the first place that was his doing. LOL. We also went to the airshow yesterday. I'll blog about that later today and put up a slide show. For now suffice it to say that Lil Red had a BLAST!