Friday, November 6, 2009

Potty Training on His Own

So other than making a big deal when I have to go to the bathroom, or setting Lil Red on the potty before his bath or when he wakes up, we haven't done anymore potty training. He was having frequent diahreah and just didn't seem ready so we backed off. Well today out of the blue, he ran in and grabbed my leg like he does when he wants me to follow him and started shouting, "pee pee!". I followed him to the bathroom and helped him take off his diaper. He had already started peeing, but realized it and stopped himself. After I helped him onto the toliet, he didn't want me to help anymore. Using one hand to balance and the other one to shove me away, so I didn't help balance him. He is VERY independent! He finished peeing in the potty and was so funny b/c he got down and wanted to pull the seat up and sit on the potty again with the seat up. I went and got Daddy for reinforcements that that is not how it's done b/c he wasn't wanting to listen. So after we got that cleared up, he raised his hands above his head in the victory cheer and said, "I did it!". We cheered for him and then he asked for a new diaper, which is new for him, b/c usually he would run away from us and try to stay butt naked, lol! So Yay! maybe we'll be in big boy pants by his birthday :)


Elizabeth said...

I feel honored that you added me to your list of favorite blogs! Thanks, Little Miss Sunshine!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

your welcome :)
I really do like it. Your thoughts and entries are so thorough that it's a great read!

Joel said...

You make me sick... Little T is refusing to let us put her diapers on without a fight so we let her go sit on the potty but she hasn't actually gone... erg... I'm so ready for her to decide which she wants.