Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun

Okay these pics got put in in reverse order. LOL. But Lil Red was Huckleberry Finn for halloween last night. He loved his freckles. lol. We decided since it was so chilly that we would stay in and watch a show and let him hand out treats to trick or treaters. We had two whole trick or treaters come by. I should of put up a sign, " Candy in here!" . He had fun giving the two kids candy though. And I think he was glad that there were only two b/c it meant more candy for him to raid. I told Big Red that he should have given handfuls of the nasty marshmellow peeps to the two kids. I said, " I don't mind getting stuck with the chocolate, but those marshmellow things are nasty". He laughed and said I wasn't very charitable :P
Maybe so, but I wouldn't have bought the peeps in the first place that was his doing. LOL. We also went to the airshow yesterday. I'll blog about that later today and put up a slide show. For now suffice it to say that Lil Red had a BLAST!

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Hummer said...

He takes after his Uncle Edward. I have a picture of Edward when he was 10ish with the freckles and hayseed hat just like Little Red.
He is cute, tell him grandmomE said so