Friday, August 14, 2009

Tales of the Potty take III

This morning I ran to the potty to go myself and Lil Red followed me. As I'm setting there beginning to tinkle, he climbs into my lap, and laughingly pretends to go making noises and saying Pooh. lol. Then he found his potty stool while I was working on our bed this morning. He pulled it into the living room and started pretending to go. It was obvious that he wanted his diaper off, so we took it off and let him play for awhile. He pointed at his bottom and said pooh, and said push as he sat on the potty. He would sit for a second then stand up and stick his head in the plastic pee and poop holder to see if there was a change. LOL. He was mad at me when I tried to put a diaper back on him so I let him be for a little while and then when he started putting it back into stool mode, I explained that if he wasn't sitting on the potty that we needed a diaper but that if he needed to go to tell me and I'd take the diaper off. All I have to say is this part of potty training is fun :)

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Joel said...

I want that part back!
I was sooo hopeful and now I must have done something wrong cause dispight the fact she knows how to poo and pee in the potty, she's done both several times before, when we sit her on it she sitts for awhile then claps says yay and dumps nothing into the toliet bowl... then half an hour later I find poo and pee in training pants.
I tryied to think of someone her age to rping over a "socialize" it with but the only girl even close doesn't like Tori and I'm not on those kinds of terms with her mother... I feel sooo fursterated!
So today we're not even messing with it cause I know she'll feel that frustration and it will go even further down hill.
Everyone is telling me to put it off till we have the baby... but that seems stupid as having a baby to take care of will add to the stress and likely hood of it becoming a tramatic experience.
Bleh! It shouldn't be this hard, I wish I had started before she learned the word "No."
I'm glad Little Red is having fun... sorry had to vent.
Where is advice on potty training found in the scriptures?