Monday, August 16, 2010

Slice of Life: The Watering Hole

That last post looked way out of place on my summer blog background. LOL! This one should be much more appropriate ;)

I have had several thoughts on this meme. I have memories of going to the swim pool with my day care class and being very anxious to swim and be like the other kids my age, I would hold to the side of the pool till I got to the deep end and then push off a little bit and try to paddle back to the edge. Thank goodness the Daycare workers were keeping an eye on me b/c eventually I got to far off and started to drown. They then sent me back to the shallows. I remember saying, "I could to swim", to someone else and trying to prove it. I then proceeded to be laughed at b/c my bottom would go in the air and apparently I was trying to swim to the bottom of the pool to no avail. LOL. I was very embarassed as they showed me what I looked like. Soon there after my Mom put us in swim lessons and swim team. I can never thank her enough. I could spend all day in the water. I've always been jealous of those that have their own pools. I would go down to the one in my second apartment complex when the boys were at their Dad's and pretend I was a dolphin. I love how the water whites out all the noise and confusion. It's just you and the water. So peaceful. I love the ocean waves and the sound of kids laughing and sea gulls crying. It's the other place I run to when I'm under extreme stress. Even if it's just for a few hours. My older sister has explained to me why this is so important for my personality. I just hope someday soon we move closer because gas is getting way to expensive for a short trip. I think I'm trying to instill in my children a love for the beach. I took Lil Red at 6 months for his first trip. And now my little Pooh bear at 5 months. The post picture is of this last trip. This last trip actually came about because Lil Red had been asking to go to the beach. He'd been watching several cartoons about the beach and decided he wanted to go. He was so excited. I'd been assuring him for a week that we would go. On the way there, his excitement level was so high that he would cry and get touchy about anything. I think he was afraid he'd never make it. Then when we arrived we handed him his toy basket that I had bought specifically for the beach. (It was on clearance, a $1.50!What steal!) He stood there and clutched it to his chest as he just stared and took it all in. He probably would have stayed that way if I hadn't have told the older boys to take him and get him started digging. Here are some of my faves of the trip.
My muddy swamp monsters. They looked like ooey gooey after they got done slugging each other with the muddy beach sludge. lol
My little Pooh Bear playing with his toes and chilling out on he beach towel.
My skinny boy taking a break from the waves.

This is them looking at a hermit crab they dug up to show me.


FranE said...

Good thought on water. Glad you still love swimming. Your sister didn't get to take swimming lessons.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, water is so peaceful, isn't it? I too wish I had my very own swimming pool.

Your lil pooh bear is sooo adorable!!!

Pirate Princess said...

The boys all look very cute... but I'm wondering. No mention of the wonder woman suit? That's what was so funny with your bum in the air... the stars. We were seeing stars baby! ha-ha! =D