Friday, August 27, 2010

My Football Players B-day

That's right! My skinny boy has decided to take on the big and the stocky, lol. He is very hyped. We just got together on Monday to celebrate his birthday and have some fun at a pizza buffet game place. The pics are above. Lil Red was ADD with all the games to play. Kept his Daddy very busy, lol. What was cute was watching him put two coins in the coin slots at a time, hate to see him in Vegas ;)
My lil piglet, now named because he constantly squeals, was wrapped up in Grandmommy's arms because he was so cold. And what does she do, lol, feed him icecream! Although with two teeth coming in that morning, he wasn't really complaining.
And yes Mr. Cool left his sunglasses on the whole time. I would think he was a vampire if I didn't witness myself that he sleeps like a log at night and is very active during the day. Both of the boys are adjusting well to their new schools and it looks like this will definitely be a good year for everyone :)

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