Saturday, January 17, 2009

School and Weaning

My two big decisions as a Mom lately have been....1) What to do about Amadeus's schooling after this year and 2) How and when I wanted to go about weaning John.
Well I kept hoping that we would hear that the charter school they currently attend would be opening up a High School, but no such luck. I found a charter school down the road that will suffice, but I'm not super excited about it and there are no guarantees that he will get in. We turned in our application, but the selection process is through a lottery, so if he gets in it won't be on merit. Which can be a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose. So after I started trying to get together the paperwork to apply to this school, The principle at their current school approached me to ask if private schools were an option. I told her that I had checked into the ones in the area and they were way to expensive for us. She said she realized that, so she has gone to the school board and asked them to approve her starting a private high school till they can get through the red tape to add a high school. She said they approved it as not a conflict of interest, so if I can manage to secure $370 a month I will be able to keep Amadeus in a school that is teaching classical curriculum! I will also be able to keep his foot in the door to attending his current school when they open a high school. So I've talked to Marco that I need him to be consistent with the child support and how important it is. But I don't want to be dependent on his payments because I can't control his circumstances, so I have come up with the plan that if I can have eight students next year, I will be able to afford the school no matter what. And be able to put Marco's money to Isaac getting braces. Which is also a need. I thought I was losing a student over this past month but the mom decided to keep her in, but we had a long discussion today and I'm actually thinking of starting a second class that will be held only on Thursdays but will be 1 hour long. I have had some interest from 2 other parties to have their children start taking lessons and I might move this one girl over to that class. So if it all pans out I will have 6 of my 8 before the end of the year! Yay! But I talked to the principal that my vision is to eventually have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced class. I would be mainly an advisory position for the advanced class. She seemed really excited about my ideas and very supportive.
Now back to John. I was ready to wean him cold turkey because he was not sleeping well through the night which meant that I wasn't getting sleep either. But then I read an article and listened to my younger sister to much and decided that wasn't the best idea either. So I'd decided that I was going to slowly substitute regular milk for different periods over the course of 6 months. But John got sick and I didn't want to give him regular milk at all. The good news is that he's back to nursing twice in the night. I think I've just decided to nurse on demand and let him wean himself. He's already weaned himself quite a bit and really only nurses alot when he's sick. He turns one on Friday. We celebrated his birthday early with my mom and sister and brother-in-law and his brothers, but we will celebrate some more this weekend with Douglas's parents. So will be posting pics later maybe Sunday. Hugz, to all. Please pray for me that my twirling classes will work out in the way that I need them to.
Thanks! :)

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