Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting Rid of Excess Baggage

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...craigs list! I have gotten rid of Amadeus's guniea pig cage and stuff, the naked lady statue, and now our old dining room set. I am makin room! Woo Hoo! Auntie Em and I had a really successful garage sale together and I got rid of most of the junk cluttering the garage then. However, surprisingly the big items didn't sale, so those are on craigs list. I'm also trying to get rid of my Toyota Corolla. I figure if I can sale it for 7000. Which is what we have left on it then we will be able to be rid of one debt and the maintenance of a vehicle that we hardly use. So here's hoping!
I've also made my goal this month to get down to 145 pounds. Woo Hoo! 10 more to go and I'll be completely happy! This is down from my original 175, about two months after the baby was born. So my home and I are really slimmin and trimmin down. And even better, I think we made budget this month. But if we did miss it, it wasn't by much which is a huge improvement for us! So yay yay yay!
K I'm done. For now, lol.

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skinny minny said...

glad you are having sucess at getting rid of things.
love ya!