Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Years at the Beach

So the above pictures are from New Years. On New Years Eve, my brother and his wife and my sister from NASA and her family came to spend the night. They all played a long game of LIFE, Pirates of the Carribean style, with our older two while we all ate pizza. Then we watched both Narnia's and ate rootbeer floats till midnight. Nothing super exciting but it was fun nonetheless :)
My sister-in-law, who is married to my brother, has had a long standing tradition in their family to go to the beach on New Years if they were close enough to be able to. So since they were here in Houston, they decided to go to Galveston, and we asked if we could tag along. It was so much FUN! In anticipation of going we had given them a kite for Christmas. That is the bright 'Toucan' one. It was just so vibrant, that it reminded me of them as a couple. I also had bought a little one in the hopes of getting John interested in it, and then we had a big airplane that we've had for over a year and never flown. Well the wind at the beach was decent but not anything to write home about, lol. Therefore, the airplane was way to heavy and never got off the ground. The Toucan was able to fly but not far and not for along period of time. However, Johnnies little kite was perfect for the weather. (Reminds you of Goldie and the three kites, doesn't it, he he). We we're able to get it way up in the air and take turns flying it. Even John gave it a try with me although he really just wanted to crawl on the beach so he could eat the sand :S
When we got tired of flying the kite, Emy hooked the spool to a stick and placed her shoes on either side. It flew the whole time we were there as a sentinel as to where are things were! The water was cold and John got mad when I took him over to rinse his feet and mouth off. But Lil T played and played in the thinnest part of the surf till she turned blue. Everyone had fun picking up sea shells, and enjoyed the beautiful weather! Then we went home and changed clothes so we could go pick up my Grandmother and take her out to eat. My Mom came down for this point. We all went out for chinese and then drove over to my Uncle's for dessert. We thought my aunt was going to make a dessert but we had three yummy desserts to choose from plus ice cream! My uncle took the boys outside to crack some fire works with them which was a big hit with them. And inside the rest of us talked about family pictures in there home and played with the babies. Finally we all trudged home exhausted but filled physically and spiritually from a wonderful day and evening beginning the New Year surrounded by family.

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