Sunday, July 19, 2009

My tale from under the pew

My sister does a "Tales from the Pew" on her blog every Sunday. We've never had anything exciting happen during sacrament. It's usually during Gospel Doctrine or Relief Society. For example one Sunday Lil Red had been flirting with this Sister in front of me and she happened to be the one who was called to say the closing prayer. As she went up to the front, he made a dash down the side aisle. He looked back at me with his taunting smile. I decided if I didn't run after him, he might stay where he was atleast till after the prayer. Nope, he ran for her knees. She smiled down at him and preceeded to say the prayer. Thinking the worst was over. I just kept an eye on him. Unfortunately he caught sight of the piano behind her and before I could make it to the front was pounding on the piano. I was so mortified!
Well this Sunday, we were doing are best to keep Lil Red quiet when his friend, Jason pops his little head under the pew in front of us and babbles his baby talk. Two pews in front of us I see his mom looking frantically for what has become of him. Big Red and I are trying so hard not to bust out laughing. Atleast I was. Lil Red was delighted. When all of a sudden, "Whoosh!", Jason disappeared. His mom had managed to grab his ankles, lol. Lil Red hit all fours on the floor and started calling out, "mom!" as he peered under the bench for his friend. Needless to say, Big Red eventually had to take him out b/c he wouldn't be distracted from finding his friend, lol. So there you have our first Tale not from the pew, but from under it!


Edward and Marian said...

What a cutie - I sure miss you guys! I need to remember that every time I come to visit my family I come down with something nasty. Today it was some sort of stomach virus. I'll remember that next time I am missing them. Is it really worth it? :P Love you!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

LOL! No it isn't! He he. Just joking. I hope you feel better soon, so you can enjoy the rest of your visit. We miss you too!