Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Shower madness

Today we went to a baby shower, and poor Lil Red who didn't get much sleep last night didn't know which bothered him more. Having to share toys, or being in a different room than Mom. Every 5 min he would come in and check on me, share my food, complain about another kid, or try to dump my drink in my lap. If he saw another kid playing with a different toy, he would decide that was the one he wanted. He would let out a howl and come running for Mom to make it right. Unfortunately Mom wasn't siding with him. Let's just say that it was a very long hour and a half! Some advice that was given the new Mom was to "remember in trying moments that these pass and to focus on the child's sweetness". I said, "oh like now!" Everyone thought that was very funny, but I wasn't trying to be, or maybe I was :)
We did make it through though, and b/c I offered to drive a friend, I even managed to socialize a bit, lol. And now the sweet boy is napping. I would be too,but I find myself unable to shut down, but atleast there is peace.


Pirate Princess said...

You do know that for some reason your blog comes into my inbox so I read the blog posts there - not very easy to leave comments though. :P

I think that's cool you had your own "tale". :D

Why was he in another room? That confused me. Poor sweetie - sounds like he needed that nap! Hope you got some fun surfing done in the meantime!

FranE said...

Just a prelude. Get ready. ; P