Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer at Grandmommy's

While school has been out, Lil Red and I have been making trips to Grandmommy's to learn about gardening and canning. I think Lil Red liked the day we went out there for gardening better. As you can see below, he was able to check out the different kind of plants, he made friend's with his Uncle's dog and decided to cool off in his water dish. That was truly funny. He didn't play in it. He just looked at it. Crawled in shoes and all and sat there for a second and then got out, lol. He just was hot and knew how to cool off! We weeded and sprayed around the plants for ants with a soap solution. Unfortunately, Lil Red recieved his first experience with fire ants! Although, thankfully, I realized what was wrong immediately and he only recieved a few bites. This past Saturday we invested in a pair of tall galloshes for him. So we will be more prepared next time. We tried to go for a ride in the golf cart to check the mail, but the battery was having issues so we pretended instead, lol. We also had a delicious squash bundt cake that my mom made. Very yummy! She gave us mucho, fresh veggies. Then the next weekend our big order came in from the co op. We went over the following monday to can tomatoes. I don't think it would have taken that long, but I wanted stewed tomatoes and you have to use a pressure cooker. If you don't have more than one pressure cooker this process is a LONG one! And I've decided to stick to buying stewed tomatoes. Although it was fun until the end of the day. I left at 11pm b/c poor Lil Red couldn't handle it anymore. But Grandmommy went till 3 am and still had half a box to go! I had so much fun talking about the past with her and learning. I can't wait to go back and have another day there. Oh and I can't forget one of the best things was sitting on the back porch after having cleaned up our potting mess and relaxing with some ice water as we rocked on the porch. We would listen to the breeze rustle the leaves and it was so very peaceful. My mom cracked me up when she looked out over the back and said, " You know it's hot when even the weeds are withering". Said with a real southern drawl. Leave it to Mom to start a new saying :)

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