Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School Choices

Yesterday the secretary from the charter high school down the road from the one we currently go to, called and asked if I was still interested in Amadeus going there. I had dropped the idea as we had decided to go to this private school instead. But when she called something told me to keep my options open. Previously, Amadeus had been adamantly opposed to the idea. However, I asked him last night if any of his friends were going to this school, and he thought maybe two of them. Which makes it somewhat appealing. We got online and found they have a shorter school day which would be cool b/c I could pick him up and he could help me with Lil Red during lessons. I also like the building better. I know that sounds weird, but the building at the other school is kind of dark due to them not having tons of funding. Anyways, still not sure if he'll get in, but atleast he is open to going there if it does happen. I pointed out that if he did that Mom would definitely make enough money teaching twirling for me to continue with fencing and to be able to continue music lessons for both of them. I also made a commitment last night to Heavenly Father that if this happens that I'll start putting a good deal of the money from child support back in accounts for them to go on missions. I've always wanted to open accounts for them but never had surplus to do it. So hopefully it happens, I really feel better about the charter school than the private school. Mainly because I would have a lot less time with him if he went to the private school and it would be harder for me to be involved at his school. So keep praying for us!

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Edward and Marian said...

Sounds like a good deal!:) Love you!