Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally Time to Blog :)

Okay there will be a series of posts after this one. I have been so busy with my Dad being very sick due to his cancer and Thanksgiving and planning a Jr. High dance party for the boys school. Then there is the everyday stuff such as watching Lil Red that has left me no time for blogging but much has happened so today I will try to get it all blogged and shared. The video attached is of my Little sock monkey at work, literally! LOL! Enjoy


Hummer said...

okay...little red is as busy as a bee...
he wore me out just watching him.

skinny minny said...

and you wanted him to start crawling! lol. the curse ofthe baby growing up or is it theconflict? you want it but you don't.
Love ya
oh and you lied! you said moreposts were coming today...hmmm...I have NEVER EVER done that on MY blog! Oh wait yeah I ya

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Okay so sue me :)
My boys came home and then there wasn't time and I've been sick Monday and today. But I'm feeling better so I'm working on a new one now :P