Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fencing excitement

We just had a very exciting weekend, prior to Thanksgiving. The boys just fenced in their first tournament this year and did very well! In this first video, you see Isaac's first match. He won all his matches with the exception of two in direct elimination against the girl who was that national champion for Y10 (which is the age group he is fencing in). Even though she beat him in direct elimination, she did not beat him in the first round. So he still beat her in one bout! I wish I had recorded that bout! Wah! But as a mother I was so nervous. I thought my son was fixing to get slaughtered. The other contestants had been excited when another boy managed to get three touches on her. You have to get 5 to win. So she had been unbeatable thus far. He decided to just have fun with it and was doing some crazy foot work and he won! He gained himself a cheering squad that called him crazy feet. The girl's dad then went over and started coaching her on what to do in the direct elimination. I think that is totally wrong but oh well! My son still took first place for the Boys Y10 and second all around!

In this second video you see Amadeus, he was fencing in the Men's Epee. I highlighted that for a reason. Amadeus's skill level is in the Y14. However the Y14 was fenced on Sunday and we don't participate in those. So he decided to fence in the Men's Epee so that he could still get some experience under his belt. His goal was to get a touch against everyone that he fenced with and to win one bout. The contestants started walking in , and he turns to me and says, "can we pretend I got sick". That was before they started warming up. They were huge, and they were fast. However, he sucked up his courage and he went out to fight his Goliath's. And he almost completely achieved his goal! He got a touch against everyone he fenced except one boy who is 17th in the nation, and that almost noone gets a touch against. and he came very close to winning one bout. He got 4 out of 5 touches. That's pretty amazing! I am so proud of both of them. Isaac has made a committment to be more committed, lol. And Amadeus, knows what it takes to play with the big guys now. So he can really focus and be ready to make the transition at the end of the next year when he will transition out Y14. Hope you enjoy the bouts! Oh and the top picture is of Isaac with his trophy. And yes I know that I used their names all through out this post but I always forget when I'm videoing, so I give up :P Okay I can't get the videos to upload. So stay tuned, I'll have to try the Utube thing. I've been trying to upload these video's for two days! Aaargh!

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