Friday, September 26, 2008

Wee Hour Morning Hysteria

K I am not finding a blessing in being up since 1 am this morning due to allergies and whatever stupid critter is stuck in the ceiling. Whether it be skunk or oppossum, it needs to get the heck out of there and stay out of there. I'm so sick and tired of waking up to scratching above our heads and I know Big Red is too. He has done everything he possibly can to secure the area, so I don't understand why this continues to be a trial. My older sister says we are only given trials more than once when we don't learn from them. Well I hope it's not a love for varmits because I'm growing even more antagonistic to the irritating things! And I hate ragweed! Is there a positive to this nasty plant? Because I hate getting sick everytime it's in the air. And I hate me being sleep deprived because I do not function well at all. And I get very cranky when I'm trying to deal with the kids. I sooooooooooo need my sleep. I have tried Vicks, decongestant, took Claritin before I went to bed to head off the allergy attack, used sun breeze and Eucalytus oils. I get nothing but a five minute relief. I know I could feel worse. I have in the past. So it is a blessing that I don't feel quite so bad as I have in the past where I can't breathe at all but darnit! I want to go to bed and sleep! K done with this rant.

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