Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spiritual and Financial Blessings

I had my first spiritual insight resulting from are morning scripture study yesterday. Now not the first spiritual insight of my life :P, the first insight coming from this new regimen. We were reading the allegory of the olive tree in 1 Nephi and all of a sudden I realized that more than just being a prophecy or an explanation... that it is an insight into the character or our Father in Heaven. It shows just how much he loves each and everyone of his spiritual sons and daughters. That he made a way for all of us to be his chosen people. He has chosen all of us; it is up to us to us to choose to be his. I love being part of God's plan and living it.
So I was upset with DK this weekend because his glasses broke this weekend, and instead of bringing them home for me to get them fixed, he left them at his Dad's. Which I might add, his Dad was not aware of. So yesterday I was finally able to pick them up. This was all a big inconvenience in time and gas. So I had been grousing about it a little. Well while I was getting them repaired at the eye doctors I decided to look around the mall to see if I could find the right color shirts for the boys uniforms for school. MM has come home twice with holes in his shirts already and Walmart, Target, Macys, and Sears havn't had the right colors or the shirts would be 20 to 45 dollars a piece. Well I obviously can't afford that price with him coming home with holes in them constantly. So I decided to check out Steve N Barry's which is closing out. On the way in that direction, my attention was caught by a store that was also closing and said School Uniforms. This entire store's service is uniform clothing and accessories! I had no idea it exsisted. They had the right colors and styles and the prices were cheap. The shirts were 5.99 a piece plus a 15 percent discount. I also bought a nice belt for 6.99 plus a 20 percent discount. I don't know the last time I bought a belt for them for that much if ever. So all in all I spent less than a hundred dollars and I was able to get the boys 9 shirts, two with long sleeves. and 3 extra pairs of pants and a belt. I have been looking for this stuff for over a month! So DK's glasses breaking was a big blessing for me :)
I love silver linings!

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