Saturday, October 6, 2012

Exciting News

Today President Monson announced that all able boys 18 years and older that have graduated High school, are eligible to serve missions. When he started talking, I felt impressed that he was about to make an important announcement and called up to Amadeus to make sure he was listening as he was watching from the banister. How exciting! My brother called to say that maybe this was why Amadeus has had such a hard time deciding where he was going to college. I told him that this will help prepare him for college in away that nothing else can. I have felt all my life that it was a great blessing to be able to raise boys in this day and age. I've felt a great affinity to those Mothers of the Helaman's stripling warriors. These boys are being raised to hold out a banner of hope and love in a spiritual war zone. It's scary stuff for a mother and for these young men too. And yet I am not afraid for him to go or my future sons. I'm excited that they will have this added advantage and blessing in life. It energizes me as a parent to help them in all I can to prepare them.The Lord gives us nothing we can't do. He always prepares away. Lil Red's favorite song right now is "Nephi's Courage" and right now it rings loudly in my ears...."I will go! I will do! the thing the Lord commands! I know the Lord provides away. He wants me to obey!"
Totally blown away! Awesome!


FranE said...

'Twas an exciting announcement!
Love you all

mE said...

When would he be able to go?