Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I love that our children are sometimes are greatest teachers. There is nothing like it to bring us back into the depths of humility. Last night, after a family home evening on the outline of Heavenly Father's Plan or logistics of it and some swimming in the pool as are fun activity, we had settled down to watch America's Got Talent off of the DVR. I know I love that feature! Anyways, my sweet husband got me a bowl of ice cream, so I could keep my adventurous girl in check while we watched. I was done and being a bit lazy (I'll admit), I asked Lil Red, who is 4 1/2 now if he would take my bowl to the kitchen for me. "Yes Mother, I will gladly do that for you". My mouth fell open a little before the smile stretched across my face. I must admit that I made a huge deal of this. But it wasn't, "sure" or "okay" or a quiet aquiescence to my being older and him younger so he had to. He said he would 'gladly do that for me'. Nothing makes a Mother feel more appreciated than having her children gladly serve her. Usually it only happens on Mothers Day. The fact that family home evening hadn't been on service either didn't fail to escape me. What a lesson to me! If it made me feel that much more loved and appreciated, how much would that do for those that I serve if I would add just that one word..."gladly."? For those who read this and have to listen to me bear my testimony next time, I apologize but this one will be shared. The impact of one small word. How it can change everything, even when just taking an empty bowl a short distance. Makes a small act of service huge. Thank you Lil Red. Thank you for being such a little Nephi. I hope I can become more like you my sweet boy.

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