Sunday, November 27, 2011

This Years Blessings

I have found myself dwelling upon my adversities and what I feel is limbo for us. I realize that this doesn't need to be so. I need to be moving forward as always even if that doesn't equate to physically moving forward as I desire it to be. So instead I will recount my blessings and set new goals and redouble my efforts to meet short term and long term goals and stop "waiting for my ship to come in".

First I am so grateful and blessed to have a husband that even in the midst of one of his biggest trials and stressful times in his life, still finds the time to make sure that I feel appreciated and to help me with the children and house.
Secondly, I have been blessed with THE prettiest little girl I could never imagine ;)
I say this because I never imagined having a child born with so much hair, lol. And it looks like it might be auburn. I truly have a wide variety of looks when it comes to my children. We call her our little coco bean. It has been difficult to learn to manage three. Indeed, I haven't mastered it by a long shot, but I'm told the first two years are the hardest. Hmmmm...that means I only have a year and 11 months :S
Back to blessings :)
Third, I have the cutest and sweetest boys. I love that they all gravitate to me and need their time to snuggle. Even the teenagers.
Fourth, I have a fabulous mother that has made being separated from my teen age boys bearable. Knowing that she is a daily influence in their life makes me breathe a great deal easier and knowing that she is getting them to seminary for a daily dose of Heavenly Father in their life is what makes me be able to let go.
Fifth, I have been blessed during the trials of the past months to grow closer to an awesome friend. And I have a feeling that it will be one of those lifetime friendships that never fizzle out.
Sixth, I have been blessed with great health this year. I made it through my last pregnancy with barely any hiccups and no bed rest. No shingle out breaks and my allergies have barely given a showing. Which was a HUGE blessing, seeing how my worst allergies are usually right when I was due to have our little Coco Bean. This means I would have had sleepless nights and had a hard time keeping from coming down with an infection because I rely a great deal on being able to physically exercise in a major way to keep up my natural antihistimines, and that is limited during pregnancy.
Seventh, a working car and a beautiful home.
Eighth, being able to stay close with friends that I've developed close friendships with over the year and to be able to spend time with them and much of my family.
I could go on but I might begin to sound like I'm bragging, lol. So I'll have to continue in my journal.
Time to make new goals and move forward spiritually and step out of the limbo I have put myself in. Afterall, I wasn't given these blessings to sit upon a shelf :)


FranE said...

Thank you for the love. I am glad you are looking at the positive. ((Hugs))

Eliza said...

Oh, she is the most beautiful baby girl! Congratulations!

Also, I love your Christmas-ey blog :-)