Sunday, December 5, 2010

Slice of Life post #28 Icy Roads

On February 14th back in 1994, I was married to another man. He recieved a phone call from his sister asking if we could come pick her up. It was the dead of night so he didn't think about it in his sleep hase that she had whispered the words. He asked me to go ask my Dad if he could borrow the car. I can't remember right now why we were between cars now, but were and it was so cold because there was an ice storm going on. As my Dad came out of his room, my husband, at the time thought to call his sister back because he realized that it was weird that she was whispering since it wouldn't matter that everyone in the house was sleeping b/c she was on the phone. One of her roomates answered and when asked if he would get her replied, "the b#$%@ just shot herself" and laughed. He found out what hospital she was being taken to and so started the long journey as we jumped in the car. We knew she hadn't shot herself b/c she had called two people to come get her. We don't know why she was killed, the police ruled it a suicide, but I digress. As we drove to the hospital as fast as we could on the icy roads, we all three were praying. My parents and I had developed a relationship with this sister and she was one of the few members of my ex-husbands family that I felt had accepted me. My Dad later said he thought he saw her spirit flying towards us and immediately asked us to pray with him.We did and he felt that our prayers were being answered. She died that day. The proceedings leading to it our another story, but I will never forget that long and anguishing ride. Feeling inadequate to comfort and needing comfort. Not being able to wrap my head around the reality and feeling as numb on the inside from shock as I was on the inside from the cold. Some things apparently are reflected in our surroundings.


FranE said...

It was a cold terrible time. Your father never forgot that night. It is still used as a time reference by more that just our family.

Pirate Princess said...

Interestingly, I was thinking of Delilah just yesterday and how sad it was for her life to end so terribly, and so young.

I vaguely remember the ice storm... maybe that's the time we went through Tomball and the lights were frozen over so bad they had fried.

Elizabeth said...

What a horrible tragedy to experience!

On a lighter note, I love your Christmas-ey blog!