Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slice of Life #5 The Road to Drivers License

Well here is a Daddy's day story leading up to my procurement of the much coveted document - the drivers license!
We were driving my older sister up to college when my Dad decided to let me drive the car for the very first time. I'm talking I had never been in the drivers seat even to drive around the drive way. I'm thinking, "what!?, Did you ask me if I wanted to drive?". The answer would have been a "NO!". Of course, at that age I was too timid to say anything, which people would laugh at now, but really I was. So I hopped into the drivers seat. Now, we were taking two cars, so that Texasblu would have a car to drive while up at college. We didn't have cell phones back then, but we did have CB's. I should have been fine driving on the long stretch of New Mexico rode, is what my Dad was thinking. Unfortunately, it was fated to be a short drive, which he should have realized when I asked as we pulled out..."What side of the rode should I be on?". To say I was terrified is putting it lightly. I am also a stickler for rules. Well we were falling behind my Mom and so my Dad wanted me to step on it. They had made a turn and in trying to catch up with them he had me turn too soon. So he's getting really antsy now. We are pulling up to this stop sign and he's yelling at me, "go go!". Because no cars were coming and he was trying to get us caught up. However, I knew enough about stop signs that I knew you had to look both ways to see if a car was coming before you stopped. So I am trying to look both ways and follow his directions at the same time which since the street dead ended there, I was putting us in a ditch. Of course, NOW...he is saying, "STOP, STOP!" I mean really, you'd think my Dad could make up his mind. And then he had the gall to lay the whole thing at MY feet, and I'm thinking, "I never wanted drive in the first place anyways :P ". There were more bumps on the way to my getting a drivers license but I'll save those stories for another day. I have to say this first one was probably the funniest. So I hope I haven't made you fall out of your chair or wet your pants :)
And parents, don't take forgranted that your kids know anything about driving when beginning to teach them, lol.


FranE said...

Yes, I remember...This was a funny perspective.

Pirate Princess said...

lol - I told Elizabeth on her blog my "Dad Teaches Me To Drive" story. He did get excited... :D

Elizabeth said...

Hilarious! Why is it that the adults who teach kids how to drive assume they know how to drive :-) LOL

mE said...

"Go, go go" "stop stop stop"
Yep that sums up driving with Dad.
LOL And him reaching over and honking your horn for you.