Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Hero: From "Slice of Life" Prompt

I really don't know how to condense down to one hero. I have had so many. My two biggest heroes have been my parents. I was just telling my husband how I remember my Dad wanting to be relatable to others and struggling with it. So he decided to work on his joke telling skills which means that us kids were the guinea pigs. While we heard some of the same jokes over and over, I learned that you can overcome social fears if you just have the courage to try something new and work at it. I really credit him with my being the outgoing person that everyone sees me as. My Mom has been my hero in alot of areas, but #1 as the wonderful wife she has been to my Dad. She always edified him. She found ways to learn and grow with him and she was always by his side. Another one of my heroes is my oldest sister who has started this blog prompt. When we were growing up there was noone prettier than my sister. All the boys liked her ;) She was smart. She got this big trophy for reading the most books throught out the school year. She seemed to me to be good at everything. She did cheerleading, then she picked up my thing twirling. She played the flute and didn't seem to be terrified like I was about performing on it infront of others and was much better than I at it. She had good ideas like creating the Libby's Stand where we sold peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches and servings of open cans of green beans to my parents and grandparents for a quarter. And no we didn't pay them back for the ingredients that we pilfered from the kitchen. It didn't matter how much we quarreled, if someone was picking on me, she would stand up for me. Once she even tried to take on a teacher, it was probably a good thing that she couldn't find her. When I turned 18, she through me a surprise party. I had always complained about not having any great parties growing up b/c my birthday was right up against halloween and back then halloween parties were big. So she threw me the most memorable and creative birthday party ever. It's even on tape somewhere. When I went through my divorce, she did what she could to help me handle being a single Mom. I still use my homemade cookbook that she put much work into. I have to say it's looking a little worse for wear. When I got married, she knew how much I wanted her there, but there was no way should could make it due to distance and weather so she spent the whole evening before chatting with me about the upcoming wedding and all my bridal issues. So she has shown me that we protect those we love, that we give encouragement and cheerlead for those that we care about, that we get creative when can't do what we'd like to do and we do what we can for others to make this world a little brighter. She's a pretty amazing sister and a wonderful Mom and wife full of rich ideas and talents. I'm pretty lucky that I have her to look up to. What's really cool is that I get to thank my hero and know that she'll read this and be able to see that she's made a difference. So not trying to suck up to the prompter ;) I didn't edit so if you read from the beginning you can see that I just started writing and realized that she IS my big hero :)
Thank you!


Edward Ellsworth said...

I absolutly agree. I started to cry thinking about great example Texasblu has been to me. I don't think I'll be able to get into the blog thing but I have to say I will always remeber Mom fitting her into her wedding dress and thinking about how beautiful she looked. A temple marriage became something that was important to me. I may have been the third wheel on those early dates but she didn't treat me much like a third wheel. I know Bigred kind of resented paying for a little brother but I have to say that I have really admired him too. For two people who have embraced each other in love, clinging to their faith, and pressed through the hardships in life, they have endured it well. They have not been perfect and that makes them all the more heroic to me, because they have simply endured and I love them for it. Texasblu was the first to go to college. At the time she went I made it a goal to go to college too. It would have been easy for me to have pursued other goals, but here I am still at it because I had set that goal early on. I envy her beautiful family. In fact it is because of her wonderful family that I am married to such a wounderful woman today. While we were dating we visited Texasblu and my lovely bride to be saw me playing with the kiddos and decided that I might just be the one. I owe Texasblu big time for that one. ;)

FranE said...

Special posts by both of you.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Pirate Princess said...

I had to leave the computer and go to my room and have a good cry. Iris asked me, "Mom, are you okay?"


I guess we really don't know, because my children think my wedding pics are hideous with my "muffin sleeves" & I had forgotten all about that birthday party until I read that... Redbeard is always saying I'm my worst critic... maybe so.

I ♥ ya'll 2.

That meant a lot. Weird. I'm crying again. Back to the room...