Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Picture for My Heading and Other News

The new picture for my heading is of Lil Red pondering his latest art drawing with his new markers and craft/cooking apron that he got for Christmas. It is one of the many beautiful pictures that have been taken with our fabulous camera. The funny thing is that Big Red has opened up a new avenue of interest in Lil Red by buying a cheap but nice camera on ebay. I can't believe that my ALMOST 2 year old is going around with a camera around his neck snapping pictures and using a tripod. It's hilarious. I'll have to put up the pics of him taking pics later. I just don't know if Big Red has down loaded them yet or not b/c I can't find them. Life around here has been fun. I think everyone needed a break from Mom's hurried pace. Between the cold weather and me being on bedrest, life has been pretty simple. We have spent alot of time on the game Peggle with a great deal of ribbing and teasing about shots and excitement and good shots. If you go to my Mom's blog, the link is labeled 'Mom's newest', you'll see some embarassing pics of me with my mouth my open. Last night we took a break and played "Risk". I've decided that for a quote "simple game", it sure is complicated. There was so much competitiveness that my Mom was threatening us all.
I've really enjoyed having my Mom around. I think each of us kids would steal her forever if she'd let us. Good thing she has a life ;)
The boys started back to school last week and Lil Red is going as stir crazy as I am even if he does get out for little jaunts in the car. But I hear him now so gotta go.


Pirate Princess said...

Proud of you to sticking to bed rest - I have a friend that is only 27 wks along with twins and has been ordered onto bed rest because she WON'T settle down, and if she doesn't knock it off she's in for a hard time watching her babies in the NICU.

You know, sometimes I feel the need for the rush rush stuff of life because that's "normal", but then I think about how people compliment us on how close our family is and how we don't get as sick as others do (less stress), and I know I'm doing the right thing in keeping everything as low key as possible (sometimes it's not). It takes constant vigilance on my part, but in the end when I'm watching my 16 yr old play with the little ones and doing things I never would have considered when I was younger, I'm glad I've decided to go that extra step. I don't know if that's something you want to permanently pursue, but I'm glad you got to enjoy a taste of it. :)

Joel said...

What a camera! Cute kid too ;)
I'm glad you're finding something to help time pass and gets you good time with the boys... at least I hope the compatition is a good thing:)
Not much longer and you'll have a cuddly thing to lay around with.

Elizabeth said...

Your lil red is so cute! I have a new blog address:

JULIETA VIOLETA DECIUC 18/11/2009 said...