Thursday, July 10, 2008

4th and Week with the Older Boys

I was so excited to have DK and MM home for 10 days. Even though are plans to Dallas got scratched we still had fun. On monday we went to the movies with TISO and saw "The Incredible Hulk" . Can you believe that Little Red slept through that one. LOL! He's going to be like his Dad and say "yeah right! Like that would happen" when he sees action movies. On Tuesday we took it easy and stayed at home. Big Red let them download a game called Maple Story and they had a lot of fun with it. MM insisted on creating me a game player. But they couldn't stop playing long enough for me to have a chance to play, lol. Then Wednesday we went to the beach with Miss A. and her two boys. We had so much fun despite the sand. I always forget how much sand there is. It was funny b/c Miss A. and I started talking on the drive and weren't really watching for the park we were looking for and next thing we knew we were in Free Port! But the beach is better there anyways :) The older boys worked on making sand castles and drew big words in the sand and did some jumping in the waves. Lil Red squinted his eyes against the wind and felt the sand between his toes for the first time ;)

On Thursday we had lunch with Grandmommy and Granddaddy. And then late that evening we headed to Grandma and Grandpa W's. Friday we went tubing up by Canyon Lake with Aunt and Uncle San Antonio while Lil Red stayed and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa. According to Grandma, Grandpa just took over taking care of him like it had been just yesterday that they'd had an infant. Meanwhile on the river, Big Red was shooting all of us with a Gatorade filled water gun. Yuck! My hair smelled like grape kool aid! As we were jumping into our tubes and feeling the freezing water...I couldn't help but think that those people that jump in the Alaskan water in the hole in the ice have to be short a couple of brain cells. I was thinking the same thing about myself as I fellt the freezing water bite my bum, lol! We went around the short loop twice and left just as the big crowds were getting there. We went out to eat at this great hole in the wall Mexican/American restraunt. Where DK proceeded to eat his huge enchilada plate and then clean anything off of anyone elses plate that was left. When that boy gets hungry, he sure can eat! Saturday we played cards with Aunt and Uncle SA and then Aunt SA and I made yummy Strawberry pies. Then right before they left the boys and I played hide and go seek with them. But it was so hot that half way through the game Uncle SA came up with the idea that instead of making for base that if you were found you were it. Which was much easier on us adults, lol. Then in the last two rounds we separated into two teams. Uncle SA and MM were on one team and the rest of us on the other. In these two rounds, you had to find everyone that was hiding before the game was over. Our team did pretty good but M.M and Uncle S. A. were hidden so good that we kept walking by them. Uncle SA was on the ground with a bunch of brush thrown over him. I guess it was his military training kicking in there. lol. Not for me though, I couldn't stand the idea of the possible snake or scorpian getting the upper hand on me! After they left for home, Big Red, Grandma, and I took MM and DK to downtown Bastrop on the river to see the fireworks. They were wonderful. Despite our stiff legs from sitting on the ground so long, they were worth it.

Sunday we made it to church for sacrament and then went home to chill out for awhile before heading home to bring the boys back to their Dad. It was totally a fun and fabulous week and the boys were even super well behaved including Lil Red.

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Pirate Princess said...

We haven't seen the big green guy yet - but we've gone twice to see Iron Man - as Redbeard says, "If you can get past the idea that he'd be jelly about 8 times over then it's a great movie". I think realists need to remember these are COMIC books put to live action.. OF COURSE it would never happen! Pu-leeze. That's why they call it ENTERTAINMENT.

Who wants to see realistic stuff? If that were the case, there would be no need to escape to the movie for 2 hrs or so. ;)

lol - can u tell I've had this debate before? Haven't lost one yet... hehe

Pics are cute!