Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Answer to Where I Met Red for the First Time

Everyone was wrong! LOL! I thought TISO knew this one. We met at a dinner and movie night for the singles in the Houston area. I was there with a friend and it was my first time to attend one of those. I have to admit that Red jogged my memory about meeting him there the first time. What first caught my attention about him was his fantastic dancing skills. I have always loved to dance and so that was definitely one of the things on my list that would be a plus in looking for the man I wanted to marry. Well I was definitely blessed to find a man that really knows how to dance. He was part of a group in college that danced at contests! Here are three pictures from our short dating life. We dated as friends for a year but as a couple for approximately 6 months. I guess once we got serious and let go of our fears things moved pretty quickly.The first picture was a Halloween/House warming party. Douglas had been planning it for a while but it quickly became our party instead of just his. It was so much fun planning and helping co-host. It was at that party that he told me that he was ready to concentrate on us. The second picture is of us in Idaho at TexasBlu's house. We had just started getting serious but I already knew I was marrying him. Not that I "wanted" to marry him but that I was "going" to marry him, lol. My boys and I had planned a trip to visit TexasBlu and it was important to me for Red to meet her. It was funny though, she didn't really get to know him b/c he and I were cranky from the altitude changes and the house was crazy with all her kids and mine. You can't tell from the photo though about our crankiness, we we're still in love afterall, lol. The last picture was of that Christmas. My family was all in Utah for my brother's marriage. I couldn't go because I worked for the same company as my Dad and both of us couldn't be gone at the same time. So I was bummed about that and it was my ex's year to have the kids. Red and I decided to have a misfit Christmas. We had two other friends that had no family nearby and my youngest sister who also couldn't leave her job for the wedding. While the week prior to Christmas was very yucky and stressful, I have to say that Christmas was fun and special. This last picture was of Red and I engaging in some of that fun.


Leisha Mareth said...

This is why I enjoy blogging. You get to know little details you might not otherwise get to hear in the hustle and bustle of visits and so forth. I'm enjoying your blog immensely!

Leisha Mareth said...

p.s. Cute pics! All of my bros. are great dancers...not sure what happened to me?

Pirate Princess said...

blogging not so bad, eh?

doing good... ;) BTW - I had no idea where u met. Figured it was a Singles thing.

skinny minny said...

in my defense, I am much much MUCH more concerned about where I need to be to meet my man than where ANYONE else was when they met theirs! But yeah now I do remember that you didn't meet at a dance.
PS why do they call it word verification when it is never ever a word?