Friday, March 28, 2008

Good Friends

Okay so I lied, LOL. Actually I'm up with allergy issues and thought I'd count a blessing since I can't sleep ;)

A big blessing that came to me later in life was two of my best friends that I consider family. To my boys I call them Aunt. And I really do think of them as my sisters. TISO came into my life first. My Mom and Dad introduced us thinking we'd be great friends for each other. And they were right. I think I remember Mom saying something about how TISO needed a friend like me, but I believe it was the other way around. She has been a great example to me in perseverence and patience. She has gone on her own journey later in life which can be read more about on her blog, Timely Beauty. I posted the link below. She has always been beautiful to me inside and out, she was my Maid of Honor at my wedding and she is one of the few people that I know that I can count on. Which is very important to me as I was a single Mom for 10 years. TISO let me cry on her shoulders many a time over various guys I dated and kept me positive. She was also always coming over and providing some service during various illnesses and crisis in my life. Whether it was helping to clean my house, watching the boys, going shopping with me (I hate shopping alone), or helping me organize a get out of town plan. She is also the reason that I finally set up a blog, she held my hand through it. LOL. She is wonderful and I want everyone to know it! Here some pics of her...the first one is a year ago at my wedding. The second is getting together in October this year to celebrate our birthdays that are in the same month.


My other adopted sister came into my life through visiting teaching. She lived one neighborhood over from me and I was trying to do better about walking. So she started going walking with me. Then I developed Epstein Barr Virus from a bad case of Mono that I didn't get enough rest with. I went on medical leave because my depression that resulted was debilitating. Part of my therapy was walking. So I would walk the couple of miles to her house mid morning with my dog, then I would stay for a while playing with her kids and resting up for my trip home. She always had a glass of water for me and if I was too tired for the walk back home she'd drive me and my dog. And once she even let me borrow her bicycle! She started watching my boys for me after school because I didn't trust the day cares. I know the monetary compensation that I gave her wasn't near enough. Even after I left my stressful job at at Foleys and didn't need her babysitting help, I couldn't stay away from her home. Her marriage was one of the great examples to me of what a real and positive marriage is. And it kept me hoping for the person that would bring me that same kind of happiness. Even though I live on the other side of the city now, we make time for each other. She was awesome to throw me a baby shower for Little Red for my friends on that side of town. I'm so glad that her family consider me family as well. I love being involved with birthdays and special events and I'll never forget her including me at Thanksgiving the year my boys were with their Dad and my family was out of town. I have great memories of that Thanksgiving due to her and her family. Here's some pics of her and her family. The one is of her oldest son and her daughter. They sang with my boys at Red's and my wedding. The youngest one is giving the thumbs up sign. They didn't bring him to the wedding because they didn't think he'd be able to handle behaving through the ceremony and bribed him with ChuckeCheeses with his grandma. When he realized later that I would never have another wedding he cried because he still hadn't met my husband. We had him over that weekend so he could meet my husband, see where we moved to and to hang out. It was so much fun.

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skinny minny said...

LOL! I blush. I was actually pestering picking on you for not having a link to my blog on here...but I like the eulogy not often you get to here one and be alive.
Love you sis,