Wednesday, March 25, 2009

San Antonio Temple pics

The one group shot of us. It was nice of the sister that was leaving to offer to take this. She was older and didn't get Marian's camera, but she still did a great job!
I love this one! Edward was trying to figure out why we weren't paying attention. We told him we wanted a casual picture. It reminds me of the scenes on the t.v. before general conference starts of temple square.

This was our fun one. Edward and I making goofy faces. Doesn't really go with our mode of dress does it? lol

Me and my little big brother :) I'm so glad I got to do this with him. We're planning a baptismal trip for the boys here in the summer. I thought that would be a cool place for Isaac to go for his first time.

Me and my beautiful Sister in law. I love that we have a close friendship. And I hope we get to attend that spa together soon ;)

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