Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ant experiments

Okay this actually happened in February but I never got around to posting about it. One day I came in the kitchen and I saw this huge ant crawling across the counter. I killed it and didn't think anything more about it. The next day there were more. It was gross, they would sit in strategic places on the cupboard waiting to smell something sugary to attack. It was worse than roaches b/c they didn't bother to hide. They were cocky, and I knew I couldn't let such uppity behavior continue in my kitchen, besides it was creepy. So I did what any good house wife does. lol, I called the exterminator. He came out and said this is really weird. You don't see these in Texas. I said, "I know, so where did they come from?". He couldn't give me an answer, but laid some bait and poured some stuff down my sink b/c I thought they might have come from there. Over the next few days it got a little worse which is normal. The day before they all dissappeared, I came into the kitchen. One of the boys had left a glass of half finished kool-aid by the sink. This is what I found. They weren't dead. They were crawling over each other to stay alive.

So I sprayed bleach cleaner in the glass and they all died and floated apart w/in a minute.

And I lived happily ever after !!!

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