Sunday, March 22, 2009

Do you think I posted enough today?

LOL! Sorry I got so far behind. I promise I'm almost done. So today I got released from my calling. Three little boys, all brothers, approached me after church to tell me they would miss me. The oldest, said I was a really good teacher. Then the middle one not to be out done said I was a good singer. The littlest one started piping up "me too, me too". I think that meant he felt the same. I said "wow, thank you. I don't think I've recieved so many compliments at one time and from such handsome men". Upon hearing this the older one says..."And your very pretty". I told them my head just got to big for my shoulders. The mother of these three charming young men was cracking up! I told her I'd have to tell Douglas that he had competition ;)
So here is a poem for everyone, let's see if you can figure out what it means...
The Test
My heart thrills,
My mind reels,
Excitement pumps within my breast.
My eyes are bright,
My head is light,
I think I maybe holding my breath.
One minute, two minutes,
Three, then its,
Count how many lines appear.
Grinning ear to ear,
I tell my dear..
"Honey another one is on the way!"

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Leisha said...

Very cute poem...I like that you get creative with telling the news!