Sunday, March 22, 2009

Comments on Isaac's pics below

Lately, Isaac has been spending a great deal of time reading fact books. You know the big books with beautiful pictures and photographs that contain textbook information on specific subjects. He's alot like Douglas that way. He also has been taking pictures of the buildings he creates with Lil Red's blocks. I told him maybe he should be an architect. He told me nah, he only likes building with blocks, lol.


mE said...

Isaac is suposed to rule the world... he's just trying to figure out what his capatile building is going to look like, That's also why he had clickitis... he NEEDS the 100000.00 dolars to start his plans.
Hey Isaac can I be your intrior design artisan? :D
Joel couldn't figure out what the tribute to Aunt Emy was... can you tell my fairy side has been dormant? Sadness. hugs!

Little Miss Sunshine said...

What you mean you haven't made fairy crowns for you and Lil T? I'm shocked! I'll ask Isaac about you being his interior design person and get back to you :)