Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yay Lil Red finally did it!

You know they always say it's about motivation and I guess they are right. We had DK at guitar lessons tonight and MM and I were playing checkers while we waited. Lil Red wanted those checker pieces, so he started crawling forwards. So when we got home I told Big Red and he wanted to see so he landed his helicopter a little ways away from Lil Red so he would go after it. This is a video of that. It's very cute. We are so proud of him! Even the boys are super proud, you'd think they were the parents, lol. Well enjoy!


skinny minny said...

way to go! I knew he was close lasttime I was there. Glad hedid it where you could see the first time and thenrepeated for dad! Now the real fun begins!

Juen said...

Can't wait to see it myself. He really is growing up fast. Can't believe he is getting so big.