Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Taking Your Medicine

Our family knows that anytime we or the kids are sick to adminsiter a tsp of cinnamon and to take in oregano tea. (For those outside the family that don't know, cinnamon is an anti bacterial agent and oregano fights viruses). The problem with taking a tsp of cinnmon straight is that you usually inhale some of the powder and have a coughing fit for the next 15 to 30 min. and of course Oregano tea isn't very tasty. Well today I came up with a new way of doing the cinnamon dosage. Honey graham crackers and rice milk and add your tsp of cinnamon. The rice milk is lactose free and doesn't cause sinus problems or drainage like regular milk would. And talk about tasty!
As for the oregano, for a long time I have been fixing chicken noodle soups with liberal dosing of oregano. I don't think the boys or I would be able to stomach chicken noodle soup without the oregano. It would be to bland, lol. So since sugar doesn't help the immune system, try these tasty ideas to take your natural medicines. I sure am thankful for the blessing that Heavenly Father gave us so many different flavors and definitely taste buds!

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Leisha said...

That's cool Christina... You will have to share more of your health tips and tricks on your blog.